I ♥ Me Monday – More? More!

Week #15 question:
Is there something you love that you would like to do more of, just for you?

‘OOoooo’ oh yes, like oh my God yes…  Funny isn’t it, how pre-children every whim or curious thought I had could be acted on or granted. No Responsibilites Except To Yourself seems so trivial when no one is reliant on you to care, feed and keep them safe, how I took that for granted…

Anyhow! Must focus; looking at Notes to self plus two this weekend to find out what the question for I ♥ me Monday was I realised I’ve missed two weeks! *Grumbles loudly in a thunderous manner* how did that happen?! I have been swept away on a tidal wave of reality and my blogging world takes a back seat, as often does twitter, as does my still unfinished book, as do the other stories whirling around in my head – there is just not enough #metime to go around. My reaction to #metime at the moment is to grab the lap top and lose myself in one of the many interests it offers me which totally rules out any other things I love doing, it’s a bit like an addiction I think this writing milarke… Would like to do more of that, just for me….

This weekend I moved my 1:12 scale 4 storey high plus basement Georgian miniature dolls house from the Hall to the garage extension, it was being pulled apart by little hands where it was and it is NOT A TOY! So now it’s behind lock and key in a bright airy room, perfect location to be restored/worked on, pre children I used to spend hours carefully crafting it, painting, papering, creating items… I’d visit miniature fairs and choose tiny delicate items to place in it’s many rooms, I even remember hauling a baby around one fair in Devizes where pushchairs were not allowed.  The thought of taking a 3 year old bulldozer to a miniature fair sends shivers down my spine. Would like to do more of that, just for me….

Spending hours commenting on other blogs…  How I Wish I Could! I join in with Silent Sunday and The Gallery most weeks and love spending time looking at the other entries but for the last few weeks with ‘stuff’ happening here, holidays and my husband at home I only seem to have fleeting moments to flit in and out of other blogs – I love you all I do! and I’m sorry I’m a right slacker in the commenting department, it only takes two sites with word verification for me to throw my toys out of the pram and find something else to do…  No concentration power at the moment – but I would like to do more of that, just for me….

And I think I probably could continue on this subject for hours more….


One Response to I ♥ Me Monday – More? More!

  1. Marylin says:

    This is the 3rd week I’ve missed out on, purely because of the spring break. Just not got the time or energy to blog when the boys are about full time! LOL 🙂

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