Maths Adventure To The Moon!

Or how Leapfrog saved Easter…..

Imagine us, stuck in a car on Good Friday fighting with the traffic to get past Exeter.  Our small people are used to journeys of an hour or so and were being happily entertained by the DVD screen (honestly, gold star to the inventor of that gem!) and then the film finished… Argument ensues… “I want Tinkerbelle!” “I want Cars!” people with children of the same sex really don’t know they are born…. (I’m kidding, do any of then ever agree?)  I flick through the DVD case calling out the ones they choose to pack to no avail… until I said “What about Frogs?” “FROGS!” came the chorus of delight from the back seat and you know what, they watched it several times, singing along having a lovely time….

Let me tell you about Frogs….

This is Tad and Lily, they have been given a maths project to complete for school and grab a few friends along the way to help them out… It’s all about making a collection and counting what they find.  The story is a bit of a fun finding frolic into space with a few funky tunes which even I found myself singing along to in the car much to Daddies annoyance and the the smalls tunelessly shouting out the words and joining in too… well, tough ain’t it.  They count and sort shapes and patterns in a really fun and easy to understand way and my smalls adore it….

Yesterday the Little Lady was crooning out one of the songs and counting up in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s like Tad and Lilly do without any prompting, so I consider that a successful outcome.

This is a brand new DVD story, released on the 9th May 2011 and is brilliant for preschoolers, I must admit to be on the lookout for the ‘lets go to school’ DVD already out on release.


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