Plug me in!

I’m so firmly connected to the internet and my little laptop that I should have my own cable, I should be Neo, plugged straight into the mainframe with my thoughts pumping straight into the little boxes I keep them in, all neat and tidy.

So, yesterday when the internet went down in my little corner of the green and blue planet, you should have heard the panic from there!  So what does one do to pass a wet sunday afternoon without Twitter or Tumblr or cable TV and the phone was down too… All your eggs in one basket springs to mind.

Well I wrote some more of a story I’m playing with. My lead man annoying me though, my characters don’t give me a lot of say in what happens to them and this one is more obsinant than most, I do understand where he is coming from and thats all very well but it’s not sexy! Hurumph!!

So I shut the lid on th laptop and cleaned the cooker… and then the shower…. and did some laundry… yawn. By which time the troops had finished playing ‘camping’ in the conservatory so we put on a film.

We laughed our way through Gnomeo and Juliette as the rain poured down outside, that is a really great film, one that I can endure more then once or twice luckily. Then I decided to get the wii fit board out.  I’ve been pretty sedentary for the last few days with a nasty cold so a jump around is always useful to get the blood flowing and the smalls are getting to the point where they can get there hands around the control, the little lady is so dinky she does struggle with that.  So we hula hooped and headed our way through all the Wii plus games with great excitement.

All four of us playing together and it was great fun!

From the sound of it that’s what we are doing tonight too, if you listen to my children….

But the internet is back and I’ve missed it… time for #metime


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

2 Responses to Plug me in!

  1. jfb57 says:

    It is scary how much life I’m sure I’m missing from signing on to the net! Will have a forced leave of absence on Friday so I’ll let you know how I go!

  2. Ah, where would we be without it. I was ‘offline’ too for a large part of yesterday – by virtue of being at a Christening. By the end of the day my fingers were itching to get clattering that keyboard, I can tell you…

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