Blinkers Removed…

Until recently I haven’t moved my readership outside of the world of ‘Mummy Blogging’ There are so many to read, so many angles to digest in the Mummy world there seemed no reason to stray. Until recently, recently I have found myself caught up in reading other peoples blogs, their plight, their motivations, so many reasons people share their worlds with the internet, so many well written heart moving posts.  Such fun to be shared, poetry blogs, confessional blogs, all different and unique like the people who write them.

The thing is, as much as I adore this blog, I’ve never really felt at home with it, I don’t feel I fit in to this world.  I’m not political, I can’t fill pages ranting about how the government have ruined the funding of education or such like.

I’m fairly artistic but lack the patience to spend hours and hours crafting or painting with my smalls, in fact I endlessly encourage them into imagination led play where they hit on a theme and play together (often beautifully) without my input, I even allow them television *gasp* although it’s more likely to be the discovery channel then Cbeebies, (my daughters current favourite program is Wheeler Dealers, she wields a mean spanner I can tell you!).

We don’t go out visiting wonderful places of educational value very often, usually because it’s as much as I can do to get through the day at home, some days the thought of leaving the house does send shivers down my spine; don’t get me wrong, I do it anyway but playgroups and busy places crowd me, I have never dealt with noise and crowds very well.

I don’t cook endlessly exciting meals and want to share them with the world, recipes do not excite me and generally choose not to use them, my audience is unappreciative and I hate waste! So why make the effort.

I don’t like to tell people how they should parent or how they should live, who am I to say that?

When I do write something unprompted it tends to be satirical, sarcasm and humour are my defense mechanism, sometimes I wish I could put a warning on my posts ‘written with humour’ just so people start off on the right foot but if they don’t get ‘it’ I’m obviously failing in what I’m writing.

I’m off to cybermummy in two weeks and to be honest I feel like a bit of a fake because without The Gallery and Silent Sunday hardly anybody reads my drivel….

So, what to do… I don’t know…. After over a year of trying, do I keep going, just stop or scrap it and start again?

That being the case, where do I fit in?


17 Responses to Blinkers Removed…

  1. Kate says:

    I guess it depends why you blog. It’s your space so you can do what the hell you like with it. Mine is deliberately a mishmash because my life is like that too. There are a few things I’m passionate about so I write about them. I am no great cook but I do blog recipes that I like and have tried, they work and they produce great results without too much fuss or effort, by and large. I like to share stuff with people who read my blog, in the hope it’s useful to them. I don’t tell them what to do – I have done tips posts now but I’ve largely just shared what works for me and folk are more than welcome to ignore whatever I say.

    I guess you could probably start by asking yourself what you want to get out of blogging. Then, if you’re not getting out of blogging what you want, then change so you do.

    You are not a fake. You have a blog. I for one will look forward to meeting you at Cybermummy. Maybe it will inspire you in some way?

    • kailexness says:

      Thanks Kate, I think I need find a pen and write a list *shock!* of what I want to get out of the blog (perhaps I will do it on a word doc 😉 )

  2. Colin Rees says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing … your blogs are well thought out, entertaining and well written. If you think too much about making it popular it becomes less and less about you and that’s the thing about a blog which makes it unique.

    That said I know what you mean, I write mine and wonder who in their right mind would want to read the rubbish I come out with. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that in my case its a very personal thing in most cases I use my blog as a form of motivation to keep one foot going in front of the next …

    Keep plugging away and you’ll slowly pull more and more … but don’t change too much … its a great blog and you should be proud of it !

    • kailexness says:

      Thanks Colin, you are right of course… it is often quite personal and thanks chuck! *Blushes*

  3. Do you know I feel JUST the same! I’m too old to be a mummy blogger & like you I really only join the memes. I’ve got the other blog but that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere! I’m going to spend some time over the summer refurbishing mine – changing it – ‘cos I’ve moved on since starting it. I think I need to write more for it but I don’t seem to have the time with THO. I’m hoping CM will give me some inspiration!

    • kailexness says:

      Refurbing… Hmmmmm, I have the pleasure of an hour’s car journey with CM in a few weeks (she is a star!) some discussion time perhaps?

      • jfb57 says:

        I meant Cybermummy but Chris will inspire I’m sure!

      • kailexness says:

        *facepalm* of course you did! 😉

  4. Do you have to fit in anywhere? It’s your blog so you fit in fine just here! I have to say that though I rarely comment here (or anywhere really on a regular basis, it’s my terrible blogging habit!) I enjoy your blog immensely. I often feel the same way and have come to the conclusion that I’m just “a blogger” rather than specifically a mummy blogger. Take the labels away and you can write about whatever you want!

    Having said that maybe a new home would allow you to feel more comfortable and give you the chance to really make it what you want to.

    • kailexness says:

      Just “a blogger” that might work well for me eh… Thanks for commenting this time, I truly appreciate it xx

  5. I dont know you but I feel I know you – I am certainly not a mum or a cyber mum – however I find your warmth and insight on life fascinating – I love your honesty (and your ability to keep writing) and I would miss your blog if you were to disappear into cyber space – I dont comment on every post but that doesnt mean I dont read them – that being said ‘change’ is good providing not for changes sake – evolution is so important – in order to keep my blog going after two years I will have to move house!

    • kailexness says:

      and country too? Thanks M’dear, I would miss the blog if it went too I think.

  6. Jane says:

    You fit in because ‘you are you’

    Don’t change – because if you do, I won’t know who I’m looking for in the mornings……


    Me x x x

    • kailexness says:

      I shall wear a floppy red had and a purple dress 😉 Coffee? Yes! Wednesday?

  7. drop4three says:

    Change for change sake? That’s never a way to go, yes?

    The thing that makes your blog as unique as anyone’s, and yet makes them all identical in purpose, it that’s it’s about you, what happens, how you feel and more. That’s why people stop by to read because what you say is always from the heart and makes reading your blog an experience to share in. So keep being you, and tell us what happens when the internet goes down, or your thoughts on sleeping in bed with clothes on. Just keep being you.

    • kailexness says:

      It’s not change for change sake, it’s change because I don’t feel it’s right. It is about me, Me, ME! Isn’t it! Not allaboutus… I think this is where I need the change, I need to blog about being a woman not just being a mother, a woman who is a mother yes, but so much more too….

      I think my thoughts are clarifying… Thanks B xx

  8. Hello!
    i totally relate to what you say about wondering where you fit in and I know you aren’t alone. I really relate to your comment about blogging about being a woman and not just a mother, i have felt that loads recently. I want to make it me, not us. I also wonder lots about what my blog is about. The more I wonder the less I know, and the less I write!
    I realised I need to read more and I really enjoy reading blogs about blogging, but less about stats. I really enjoyed your post about relationships recently too.
    Can’t help but wonder if Cybermummy is giving us all the wobbles? And because the parent blogging community is growing and changing too?
    Just be you, and accept my apologies for not being round here for a while!

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