Shhh, I’m skiving don’t tell!

I do so love my #metime my head space and the quiet that accompanies it, I don’t just love it, I NEED it, I spent all last week in the company of my husband and charming smalls looking forward to Monday morning, 6 hours of time for me, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed last week, the sun and the paddling pool, a trip to see the otters (Yes! The Silent Sunday picture is an otter asleep in a hollow log, the log was covered in dry mud so some guesses were not far out.) but it’s a lot of noise and hecticness, the smalls are so energetic!

My plan was to make a flask of coffee and sit on my bed editing my book (yes, I’m still trying to edit it – on chapter 6 so only another 24 to go, put like that it doesn’t sound a lot but they are pretty meaty chapters) Then last night disaster struck!

The OH had been quiet most of the day, winding himself up to go back to work, there is always a kick back of a heavy workload when he has time off, he called his work mate who told him he’s not due back until Tuesday! He gets all dithery and I see my quiet time floating out the window in a puff of smoke…. *sigh*

So like any reasonable people we have compromised, we took the smalls to nursery together and right now I am sitting on my bed writing this post while he dismantles a MG for parts and at lunch time we are going out for a pub lunch.

Win/win hurrah!

So now I must keep to my side of the bargain and go edit! Toodles!



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