Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

4 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. Are those ducks outside your house? Years ago at a house we lived at (my family home) we had ducks that would waddle up our driveway! Still not that many it has to be said! I bet your children thought that was great fun 🙂

    • Kailexness says:

      They are at our local garden center Jenny, there is a huge lake, ducks, geese and fish, the kids love it and at 20p for a bag of grain it’s a cheap afternoon out!

  2. Kat says:

    This is my daughter’s nightmare. She had a duck incident this winter….

  3. What a lot of ducks! My toddler is very impressed!

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