Summer Diary – The rest of week 3!

Last week went past in a bit of a blur, we were really busy with our guests. You know that serendipitous moment when someone staying with you just slots into your house like that have always been there – that!

Of course that might have been the wine…

It just goes to show you that although we shrug and say “It’s only Twitter!” and other non-tweep people may be scathing about virtual friendships, that they can be very real and very worth while.

Well we did a lot in the three whole days they were here, visited a park a garden center and went geocaching, ate loads, drank a bit, fed fish, fussed dog, hunted for cats 😉

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I think our Koi may always now be known as the kissing fish and Daisy has reminded us how lovely it is to have a dog in the house (one that doesn’t eat the kitchen that is..) It is fabulous to have grown up company to stay.

The weekend seemed very quiet in comparison, Saturday me making a break for Bristol to meet some writing friends, a whole afternoon and evening in adult company, a stark reminder how out of the loop I am as a non TV watching non musical person, most of the time I had no idea who or what they were talking about! It didn’t matter as it helped make me feel like a (rather dense) adult.

So… here we go with Week 4, Daddy is home all week so I’m going to have to fight for blog time with a crow bar! The plans so far are today (Monday) Uniform Shopping, Tuesday; sort things out for Wednesday and try and get things a little ship shape and Bristol fashion around here (faint hope). Wednesday we are shipping the smalls to Aunty Nicky’s and making a break to freedom to a friends wedding – I’d just like to pop in here to reaffirm my early point, I met the bride on Twitter. Thursday we collect the smalls and gather our camping stuff together to head for glorious Pembrokeshire *prays for sunshine*.

It’s all go is it not?!

2 Responses to Summer Diary – The rest of week 3!

  1. jfb57 says:

    You are doing such an amazing job over this holiday that you were not looking forward to! Enjoy the wedding!

    • Kailexness says:

      I know! I amaze myself! I think ‘having’ to write about it has dragged me out of my head to get on with it, if that makes any sense…

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