School Girl (Summer Diary W4 D1)

Today was the first school uniform shopping trip of my daughters life.

It was actually very painless, we have struggled to locate navy skirts and shorts but thankfully managed to locate them in Matalan, she had a wonderful time pushing the child size trolly around to, in fact she enjoyed it so much I just wandered around behind her tweeting…

Skirts socks shorts purchased we went to the shoe shop, I’d been dreading this bit, cost wise as well as ‘style argument’ wise, as it turned out they only had one pair in the shop her size which were the ones she and I both liked anyway, is there any chance it will always be this easy?

I can’t help thinking as I’m sure all Mum’s do; how fast the last almost 5 years have passed, in 2 and a half weeks I will be taking her to school for the first time, this is a huge change for both of us one that I think we will both enjoy as we move forward with her learning.

The most amazing thing of all is that in September I will get a letter from the council with an application form to apply for a school place for my son for September 2012, my baby boy, who is just out of nappies and curls up on my lap with the most amazing ‘huggles’. Whilst my daughter is raring to go to school and really ready for it, as am I, my baby boy is not and even in a year I wonder if I will feel that he will be….



4 Responses to School Girl (Summer Diary W4 D1)

  1. The Moiderer says:

    Aww she looks adorable in her uniform.

  2. Drama Llama says:

    Oh Bless.. Look at her, what a big girl!! 🙂

    • Kailexness says:

      *sobs!!* my baby!! *breathes deeply*

  3. Gosh – she looks SO grown up. I love that she looks ready in herself as well as her uniform. You can have some special time with that lad of yours now before you will be posting his picture in his uniform!

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