The New Girl…

I’d forgotten this feeling.

The loitering at the back of the crowd trying to be unnoticed feeling because you are the new girl, the nervously making conversation with other nervous looking newbies too…

I never liked it much and I’m pleased that it will probably not last long.

Last Friday, standing on a small patch of grass outside school waiting for collection time I heard one of the other Mum’s say “Well this is me for the next 11 years!” and my heart did a flip! It’s eight years for me, the little man starts school next September. Blige I thought, she’s right.

Quite a few of the Mum’s already know each other well, they are scattered through the villages around the school and have children the same age – obviously. They seem a happy bunch and very pleasant to chat too although I do feel like an invading ‘Townie’ I guess by large that is because I am.

The Dad’s loiter at the back too looking rather shifty and uncomfortable, so it’s not a bad place to be 😉

So we are cutting ourselves a little routine these two weeks of half days, flying out of the door at the last minute as ever, although the last minute is half an hour earlier then we needed to leave last year.  We park up on a handy verge somewhere and either play car roulette in the tiny country lane with the other parents as they arrive to drop off or charge down the cutest little ‘no vehicles allowed’ lane to the school where we bustle ourselves into the cloakroom and get the Little Lady settled at a table then my little chap and I charge off at full throatle to get him to nursery back in town. It’s all go you know!

And so this is the latest stage of my ever changing life, my role as Mummy the taxi driver has begun…

…but what about her? I can hear you asking… Well she loves it, adores her teacher, got a sticker today for “Being Good, Sitting Nicely and making the classroom Tip Top Tidy.”

No worries.


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

2 Responses to The New Girl…

  1. As you know I have 3 – the wait outside the school gates and then that sheer pleasure as your eyes meet and the smile on their face when they see you……………..that was with the older two (now 21 and 19) – youngest startest this week on the bus – what an excitement – could hardly sleep and now feels as though she is a very big girl – even though she can hardly see out of the bus window – the school coming out/home smile is one of my favourite smiles…..

  2. Mrs Skinner says:

    Brill & BTW the taxi driving bit goes on FOREVER! So glad you are both getting into a routine. Now what are you doing with all that extra time? 😉

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