There’s a Fire!!

“There’s a fire! and Diesel 10 is horrible!”

A review of Day of the Diesels, the new Thomas & Friends film by my 3 year old son, he can’t say much more, he’s mesmerized by it!

Poor Percy gets very upset when Thomas makes friends with Belle the fire engine train, he gets drawn into Diesel 10’s plans to take over the steamworks.

My boy has always loved Thomas and his friends, he has engines and bags and books but never really wanted to watch the programs, no idea why. So when HIT entertainment asked me to review this new Thomas film I did wonder if he would watch it. When the package arrived I told him, “This is a DVD for you Little Man!” and he was so proud he had been sent his own film like his big sister has in the past, we had to put it on straight away! We are now on our 6th or 7th viewing (I’ve lost count).

The narration seems slower to me then the tv programs, in fact, all the speech seems drawn out, it doesn’t seem to bother my son though.  The animation makes it a lot easier to watch then the older model railway version, although for me as an adult viewer it has lost some of the old world charm.

Thomas and Friends – Day of the Diesels is available on DVD or Blue Ray from Monday 26th September. That’s TOMORROW!! So all your little Thomas fans won’t have to wait long to see this new adventure.


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