Being a Mum is Challenging in so many ways…

I am once again a ‘new Mum’. I have been a Mum for 5 years and it’s all a bit of a scary learning curvy thingy to be honest. This latest mountainous step I face is the ‘interactive helpful’ bit…

So far I’m not much help at all, I can’t do the stop and drop scheme outside school in the mornings or the wellie walks because I have a little man to deal with too… That’s okay, I’ve mentally made a note for doing both next year as long as the Little Man gets the same school.

Slowly, I’m mastering the intricacies of ‘the book bag’ it involves various books and notes, my email is getting hit with a fair few emails telling me what to do and how things work. I attended a learning to read night and am now aware of the arm waving, sounding, acting out ways of phonics (although it’s no less frightening).

We successfully negotiated the birthday, I’d have loved to have all 20 new friends to her party in our small house, running around, making noise – okay I’m lying about that but I would have liked to managed something for all of them… Expensive birthdays eh!

Today I went along to the ‘Friends’ meeting in the hope that I might be useful with fund raising in some way, it was a long shot, I have come away feeling a little forlorn. What can I do to help exactly? Since childbirth I have the organisation skills of a goldfish, we have Koi in the garden with more brains than I can currently claim work. I can’t bake a cake to pass muster, I should pay people to eat my cooking.  I don’t really craft stuff, so making things to flog at sales is kind of out of the question… and if someone says “We need some good new ideas to raise money” My head goes blank and I’m sure I gain an unattractive vacant expression…

I’m sure they will find a use for me, I do a mean clock room attendant and can serve tea and coffee with panache! Perhaps my roll can be to fulfil some non strenuous, non thinking donkey work… Nothing too much as I am getting old you know 😉 After getting stuck on the decking the other night because my knees wouldn’t take my weight to lower myself down I have to be careful! (Yes, I was scrumping apples of the neighbours tree so it was come-upance)

I’d really like to be one of those Mum’s, you know, the serene type that never gets flustered, perfectly turned out with beautifully behaved children. But, I’m not… I’m the one who shouts loudly (though they do ask how high when I yell jump!) who’s kids have breakfast or toothpaste around their mouths or down their fronts, who’s own clothing doesn’t match or is on wonky. I’m the one who’s hair is wet from rushing through the shower at the last minute and never wears make up… Though I often throw on heels as they are closer to the door, they are not very suitable for the school run…

Luckily, my kids disagree with my imagined inadequacies… I get told “You are the bestest cook in the whole wide world!” or the best Mummy or the Most beautiful Mummy etc, always in the whole wide world…

That in itself is pretty hard to live up to!


4 Responses to Being a Mum is Challenging in so many ways…

  1. Julia says:

    This is fabulous! Can I use it over at THO please?

    • Kailexness says:

      Please do!

  2. am dreading that aspect of school life, having to contribute and make stuff – packet mix?? who’d know? good luck X

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