Family Traditions: The Tree and The Angel of Good Deeds

With 12 sleeps to go to the big day I have been musing a lot on our family traditions over the festive period, the job of making Christmas happen, work and be magical, falls to me in our house, as it does to many mothers all over the world, not Daddy’s fault at all, it’s his busiest time of the year.

I shop (which I hate) for both my family and his in the pressie department. I’m calendar manager, it’s up to me to make sure everyone is where they should be, when they should be, dressed correctly. I’m chief cook and bottlewasher too, so making sure I buy food at the right time to get £25 back from Morrisons is my chore too 😉 And I have to say *gloats* that there is one pressie left to buy and one King Herod costume to make, some lumpy cranberry sauce to buy (I bought smooth, it’s not the same you know).

Ta Da! *bows*

So now I can almost kick back, attend two nativities, have dinner out with friends on Wednesday and just chill a little…  okay maybe not, I get to make sure the magic happens…

So, family traditions… We have encountered a few already, my daughter and I sat down and wrote 45 Christmas cards… that was just the ones for school and nursery friends. I still have 40 odd cards to write to family and friends, I cut back this year.

We all went out Sunday and bought the tree, this is Daddy’s thing, I think cutting down a beautiful tree as a decoration is a little barbaric and putting it up inside your home is by far the most idiotic tradition I’ve come across… Any way… Daddy loves his big, smelly, beautiful tree and is a bit of a fuss arse in choosing (we visited 5 tree sellers, admittedly some of them wanted £40 for the dirtiest scrawniest excuse for a tree you have ever seen) We all have to agree on the best tree, although towards the end the daughter would have taken any darn tree just so she could have one! One garden center got my vote, they were serving mulled wine, mince pies and roast chestnuts! Yum! and the trees were nicer too *caching* tree bought…  It’s now taking up a stupid amount of room in our small sitting room.

So… the christmas decs got dragged out of the loft and the tree was made to look glorious as it dies (yep, I do have an issue with this tradition, I’m *dealing with it. *ignoring) and the children were given their new decorations which I bought from Bath Christmas Market, we buy something new every year, they put them on the ‘best’ spot and then were allowed to decorate the tree, with Daddy doing the high bits. I pulled out the decorations for the rest of the house and started placing them on shelves and hanging them. I also got out the metal Angel.

This Metal Angel was a gift from my step Aunt about eight years ago, I’ve never really found the ‘ideal’ spot for her as she stands quite tall and is bulky, she had to go somewhere high for the last five years as little fingers could get hurt on her.

Every year I take the Angel out of the Christmas box and she gets put ‘somewhere’ and then she can’t be found for a period of time even though we all look everywhere that Angel does a disappearing act, she’s off doing good deeds I like to think. One year she vanished for a whole 24 hours, this year it was only about 3 hours, she may have had a lighter load perhaps, she may still disappear some more. But go she did. Then suddenly she’s back, somewhere I know I have looked!

Every year, I’m baffled…

They better be great good deeds Angel.


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

2 Responses to Family Traditions: The Tree and The Angel of Good Deeds

  1. jfb57 says:

    What a lovely post! It has really got me in the festive mood!

    • Kailexness says:

      It’s all about the magic… Makes all that ‘Muming’ worth while!

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