I am a real woman.

Curvy women are real women. Skinny women are real women. Women who have had boob jobs or lip enhancements or liposuction are still real women. Size 0 may make no sense mathematically, but a woman who wears that size is as real as the one who wears a size 16. What makes us “real” people is not the shape of our flesh but our basic humanity. And we lose our humanity when we judge – not when we lose weight, gain weight, or make the intensely personal decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.
Hugo Schwyzer

I found this little quote today in my  tumblr feed, I have no idea who Mr.Schwyzer is, perhaps I should google him, but how much sense does he make? I feel like standing up and shouting AMEN! because this quote speaks volumes to me…

Life these days is fast, it’s pressured, we live it at the end of our tethers. I know that these days, the age I am (41) I can sit back in my little rural idyll where the only rush rush is the school run and getting to the many appointments I seem to have on time. In my 20’s it was all about looking good, being fashionable, following the crowd. 30’s were harder still, keep looking young, being active, having a career.  40, to be honest has been a great release to me, apart from feeling the need to loose a few pounds because I feel happier slightly lighter, I feel less pressure to dazzle and amaze and can say f*ck off to fashion should I choose but it’s still always around me, the pressure….

Don’t let yourself go, get a haircut, waxing is best, wear makeup, new clothes.

It’s everywhere you look, TV, magazines, newspapers, off hand comments…
This week I read a rather damning piece of opinion on twitter about women’s anatomy and it annoyed me. This supposedly off hand, supposedly humorous comment is the type of thing that adds to the pressure women feel under, it undermines our self esteem, which can often be fragile enough as it is when we are constantly being told we are too big, need to be sexy, in control… I pointed out to the gentleman in question the insensitivity of his remark and all I got in return was a rant about how I had taken his tweet far too seriously and it wasn’t his fault I had a complex about my anatomy.  I found this extremely upsetting and as the gentleman feels he has nothing to apologize to me for; not his remark or that fact he seriously upset me (I don’t upset easily) I unfollowed him, I lost a friend but frankly I don’t need friends who don’t care if they upset me…

So, yes Mr.Schwyzer, I vote for humanity, I need friends who can see past my packaging to the interesting, intelligent, warm, human person that I am and if you think women should be judged on how fat, thin, big boobed or ugly they are, keep it to yourself.


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

4 Responses to I am a real woman.

  1. nickithepink says:

    Hear Bloody Hear Hear.. Go you!! x

  2. jenny Paulin says:

    thats a great quote – good old (or young!) Mr Schwyzer. its awful all the pressure that the media makes women of all shapes, sizes and ages feel isn it? we are human beings and shouldn’t be judged on just the way we look. i am sure most men wouldn’t want us to only judge them on their looks hey!!!
    great post and 2 fingers to the tweeting man i say! x

  3. Great quote!!. If people were a bit more human I think we would all be better off. Like, RESPECT one another!! Just a funny thought I had: I was seeing sale signs all over the place for deals on a “Bazillian Blowout”, like two for ones. So I’m thinking ewww! After some inquiries at work I found out that it’s a hair thing. (not down there hair) The hair dresser blow dries your hair in a certain way to make it, I guess, PUFFY. So know I’m thinking, OMG you pay that much money to get your hair blow dried!!!

  4. bryony32 says:

    Great post ! Oh how i wish the young girls could feel the same way as you , far too much pressure , as for me having just turned 40 i too say bugger off ! I am who i am !! X x

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