Little boxes…

I am an appalling blogger…  I think to myself, one post a week, how hard can that be? Honestly, how hard can that be! and I sit here in front of the screen and make that ‘uugggghhhheeeegggg’ noise as my brain empties all over the floor, (it’s quite cathartic actually, perhaps I should try to blog before sleeping #insomniac!) and I can think of nothing… So I go to (one of my many) tumblr(s) instead or think of different things more suited to how my brain is working at the time… Then in the shower today it dawned on me that this is my issue, I am a box person and that is just how I work.

My head is full of little boxes.

I compartmentalise, it’s a coping strategy developed from an early age. It works like this.

Wake up – Mummy mode
School run – Shouty mummy mode
9am – 2pm – Adult Female Mode
2pm – 3pm – Panic housekeeping mode due to slacking off in Adult Female Mode
3pm – 7pm Mummy Mode, may include shouty mummy mode
7pm – bedtime Wife mode


of course each mode contains many many finer distinctions. I like things separate in boxes, this is the family blog, I tried fictional writing here, didn’t work so that is elsewhere, I had to put my resolutions elsewhere too so I could think about them separately. (Yes Jenny, I will get back on track with that shortly, I know, slacker right!)  You only have to look at my tumblr to see how it works, 10 on one feed because they can’t all go on the same one, that would be messy, I need themes…

Little boxes…

I bet you are wondering where I’m going with this? The simple answer is I don’t know. It’s a cotton wool thought from a cotton wool brain, I vent and then I’m happier. Blogging does not need to be all constructive useful postings of the informative variety, well, not on this blog anyway!

I do wonder if this prevents people from seeing the whole picture, the actual Julie beneath the boxes. It’s got to be a bit psychotic in a OCD sort of way and perhaps the whole me would be a happier individual. I’m not sure I will ever know the answer to that.  I also refuse to believe I’m the only person who does this!


One Response to Little boxes…

  1. Panic housekeeping mode due to slacking off in Adult Female Mode haha I love that, but I only have youngest at playschool so have one and a half hours of adult then 15 mins made cleaning frenzy 🙂 x

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