Narked Shopper…

I went shopping today.

Not an unusual occurrence you’d think.  We have a family party at the weekend and I’d like something new to wear… Trouble is, I have a deeply seated aversion shopping. I hate it. I especially hate it in the sales. Not for me the searching through racks for bargains, all shapes and colours bunched together tightly and mixed up, I shudder at the thought.  If I have to go shopping, I like it laid out neatly in size order, preferable colour coded too… And choice, I like choice.  Not much to ask is it?

Today was particularly bad because I wanted to replace a much loved sundress I’ve had for 2 years, it’s showing age, I should have guessed I was on a hiding to nothing really, can you ever replace a much loved item?I trundled off in my best underwear to the city…

I walked bloody miles…

It seems that this season, the fashion industry has decreed that I either get to wear dresses that just pass my bottom or I have to look like some 1970’s frump in a maxi dress that even in heels I risk tripping over (yes, I’m a short arse). I’m also supposed to look like a ’70’s frump in brown, navy or some garish tropical print that I wouldn’t even wear on holiday….


In fact, most of the shops I have come to rely on having reasonable choice. for many tastes, just seemed to be sparsely filled with cheaply made rubbish, is this a knock on effect of the recession? Money isn’t being spent by the consumer so the shops have to buy cheaper stock, which people don’t like and don’t buy… Terrible downward spiral 😦

I also needed to buy my daughter a pretty cardi. Every shop is filled to the brim with pretty t’shirts, shorts and sundresses. No jumpers or cardi’s to be seen anywhere. Erm This is Britain people. It rains here and not just on Wednesdays!!!

So I came home empty handed (again) and now face the dilemma of where to go tomorrow because I still need something to wear… Usually I love the fact I live in the middle of nowhere, today I’m resentful of the fact I need to drive for an hour to find decent shops, cost of fuel and all that  (It’s okay, I’m not intelligent enough to be a political blogger, I will leave that gem to them.).

I know this isn’t really the fault of the fashion industry but it’s them I’m narked with, so it is now…


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

4 Responses to Narked Shopper…

  1. newgonzohere says:

    Sorry I had to stop reading when you said Sundress!

    • Kailexness says:


  2. Squeaky says:

    Ugh! I have this problem sooo often! However, I have a solution (for me, at least). Have you tried charity shops? You’d be bloody astonished what you can find in those places. Eclectic mix, usually reasonable quality, as they’ve already survived one round of ownership, and have to be of a resaleable quality. Just avoid Oxfam. It’s ridiculously overpriced (although, I did get a *gorgeous* pair if shoes in there a few months ago….). Wherever you go, good luck, darling. Crossing my fingers.

  3. nickithepink says:

    Ah.. the old Shopping Rage.. I think it should be an acceptable medical condition.. I bloody hate it.. I always end up with either nothing or something wildly unsuitable.. Grrrr 🙂

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