Of sneezes, wheezes, wine & dining… And a lot of mess.

It’s been a funny old fortnight… Highs and lows. The highs being good feedback at parents evening *beams* and a marvellous night out, with great people, at a school fundraising evening. There was curry, wine and a quiz, such fun. The lows being a week spent fighting a very nasty flu like virus, fortunately just me (so far)! Another low is the ongoing battle against the sprawl of mess.

I’m one of life’s bohemians, (apparently) with an ‘artistic temperament’ I have a very relaxed attitude to most things… I don’t follow fashion; can’t be bothered mostly but I’m not good at following the herd. I don’t alway spot the social/political nuances of life, you can call a spade whatever you like, it digs stuff… I see everyone as humans rather than their position, job or origins, after all, everyone has their worth and we all s**t. I’m a bit lacksidaisical about keeping my world organised to say the least (personally I put that down to having very little brain, a bit like pooh bear…) I’m also easily distracted…

Oh! Shiny!!!!

Where was I…

Yes, the mess…

I do struggle to keep my house in order, Ive always been proudly “not a domestic goddess”. I’m hopeless at tidy, oblivious to dust, every flat surface requires clutter and not in a good way. Why should I cook and clear up when I can clear up tomorrow, or the next day…. Maybe.

The inner conflict I’m facing now is many fold. Firstly, how does a naturally untidy person encourage her children to keep their toys tidy? I’ve tried asking them to at least keep the floor clear for emergencies, we have threatened to throw it all out in bin bags. Today I resorted to offering money, I thought this was working until just now when I realised they are playing, not tiding. Hmmmmm….

Which comes to the second issue. It’s probably old age (rolls eyes) but I’m starting to find the clutter hard to live with… This. Is. A. Disaster.

The biggest turmoil I have, is dealing with the fact that everyone else’s mess, care, living space, order etc is my world. Himself and I agree that it’s best for the small people if I am available to them 24 hours a day… And I generally am (unless rare socialising is undertaken for my sanity.) I’m not saying he doesn’t get to be at their beck and call too, he does! But it’s my general feeling that the day to day mess and muck-shovelling of running the house should fall upon me as the stay-at-home-mum. This is where I run around frantically, melodramatically pulling on my hair, shouting “I fail! I fail!!”
Of course I’m not doing that at all, I’m sitting on my bed, calmly, blogging on my iPhone rather than washing up the lunch things or tackling the ironing mountain.


Of course, as ever, the only point to this blogging thing is to get the mess out of my head so I can laugh at myself tomorrow. It works generally…. It’s a shame I can’t blog the mess out of my house!

And now I’m done, I’m going to bash some pans in the kitchen and look efficient. While I’m doing that I shall chuckle aloud at the fact that if my step mother ever reads this she would be muttering about ‘comeuppance’ and the odd ‘I told you so’ and probably giggling….


One Response to Of sneezes, wheezes, wine & dining… And a lot of mess.

  1. jfb57 says:

    Oh dear. Poor you. If you wait long enough, the littles will become bigs & may do the tidy for you. Of course they may just add to it! 😉

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