Summer Diary W5 D3 – Pizza Diversion!!


So we are back from out hols, the washing mountain is leering at me from the bathroom (camping washing is always so smelly!) and the cupboards are stark with their deep scary hollow emptiness…

*sigh* Domestic servitude bliss is once again the theme of the day. (I’m writing this Friday after getting caught up on a submission with a deadline and the washing is still not all done and the car is not fully unpacked #fail) So I pootle off to the supermarket because starving children are frowned apon and hungry husbands whinge too much, with one eye open for entertainment for the little lady. (The little man was deprived of telly for 5 days and was stuck to Nick Jr. with his eyes on sticks)

There were no peas for podding, no little colouring books, the bubble wands were reduced to 28p but it was raining…

and then I found this…

Those fabulous people at Jus-rol do a pizza in a box!!! Perfect!

Yes, I know how to make pizza dough *rolls eyes* and yes, pasata would be cheaper but This Comes Ready In A Fabulous Popping Tube!!!! With the cutest little pot of sauce!!!! Squeeee!!

Honestly, it’s time for them to go back to school I’m going insane ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look what she made!

Nom nom nom…

N.B this is NOT a sponsored post, just a very happy find ๐Ÿ˜€


School Girl (Summer Diary W4 D1)

Today was the first school uniform shopping trip of my daughters life.

It was actually very painless, we have struggled to locate navy skirts and shorts but thankfully managed to locate them in Matalan, she had a wonderful time pushing the child size trolly around to, in fact she enjoyed it so much I just wandered around behind her tweeting…

Skirts socks shorts purchased we went to the shoe shop, I’d been dreading this bit, cost wise as well as ‘style argument’ wise, as it turned out they only had one pair in the shop her size which were the ones she and I both liked anyway, is there any chance it will always be this easy?

I can’t help thinking as I’m sure all Mum’s do; how fast the last almost 5 years have passed, in 2 and a half weeks I will be taking her to school for the first time, this is a huge change for both of us one that I think we will both enjoy as we move forward with her learning.

The most amazing thing of all is that in September I will get a letter from the council with an application form to apply for a school place for my son for September 2012, my baby boy, who is just out of nappies and curls up on my lap with the most amazing ‘huggles’. Whilst my daughter is raring to go to school and really ready for it, as am I, my baby boy is not and even in a year I wonder if I will feel that he will be….


Summer Diary – The rest of week 3!

Last week went past in a bit of a blur, we were really busy with our guests. You know that serendipitous moment when someone staying with you just slots into your house like that have always been there – that!

Of course that might have been the wine…

It just goes to show you that although we shrug and say “It’s only Twitter!” and other non-tweep people may be scathing about virtual friendships, that they can be very real and very worth while.

Well we did a lot in the three whole days they were here, visited a park a garden center and went geocaching, ate loads, drank a bit, fed fish, fussed dog, hunted for cats ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I think our Koi may always now be known as the kissing fish and Daisy has reminded us how lovely it is to have a dog in the house (one that doesn’t eat the kitchen that is..) It is fabulous to have grown up company to stay.

The weekend seemed very quiet in comparison, Saturday me making a break for Bristol to meet some writing friends, a whole afternoon and evening in adult company, a stark reminder how out of the loop I am as a non TV watching non musical person, most of the time I had no idea who or what they were talking about! It didn’t matter as it helped make me feel like a (rather dense) adult.

So… here we go with Week 4, Daddy is home all week so I’m going to have to fight for blog time with a crow bar! The plans so far are today (Monday) Uniform Shopping, Tuesday; sort things out for Wednesday and try and get things a little ship shape and Bristol fashion around here (faint hope). Wednesday we are shipping the smalls to Aunty Nicky’s and making a break to freedom to a friends wedding – I’d just like to pop in here to reaffirm my early point, I met the bride on Twitter. Thursday we collect the smalls and gather our camping stuff together to head for glorious Pembrokeshire *prays for sunshine*.

It’s all go is it not?!

Summer Diary W3 D2

I’m a bit behind this week *rolls eyes* but it is for a really good reason, amidst a rioting England our little corner of the Blue and Green planet is relatively untouched, I knew there was a great reason for living in the back of beyond!

Tuesday Morning we piled in the car and went to a park in a neighbouring town with some friends, the park is fabulous and has a lovely cafe in the grounds for Mummy’s to swill coffee whilst the smalls collect twigs.

Looking at my photo’s it’s obvious the Little Man is the only one who stayed still long enough to be captured ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tuesday afternoon they helped Daddy in the garage whilst Mummy spent some time *chatting to people about the riots on Twitter (*worrying about people).

Later that evening with violence kicking off in Birmingham and Manchester I had a frantic tweet conversation with a friend, she took up my offer to escape and crash for a few days, hence being behind with the Diary…Is this the swiftest arranged tweetup in history?? I wonder…

p.s we are having a blast, something good to come out of the mayhem!!

Summer Diary W3 D1

Today was a visiting day, we managed to get ourselves on the car and down to Dorset to visit my sister Jen, only for me to not be able to find her house again….ย  I get within 500yards and have a brain blip, it’s just urban sprall to me I always struggle, perhaps this time I have it nailed, I doubt it…

The smalls entertained each other for most of the day which is always a bonus and we went out to a very special restaurant for lunch, somewhere I usually make a point to avoid but they do love it so. Why is that? I have no idea….


During the afternoon they iced cakes and then took the mick a bit by eating them sneakily not leaving any for the adults, I was actually more concerned about the little man being sick in the car again, he does seem to suddenly be getting very travel sick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We stayed later that I planned as I managed to convince Jen to join Twitter, after professing her concerns of not having anything to say she took to it like a duck to water, we girls can gas for England!

The drive home was sick free thankfully and the smalls enjoyed watching a film and having cheese and ham triangles for tea ( 2 wraps with cheese and ham in the middle warmed in an oil free frying pan until the cheese melts then cut into triangles)simple but effective…