My delightfully angelic children just presented me with these two little hand made and painted pots, the Little Man proudly told me “I choose a blue bow for you Mummy” *melts* and my daughter said “They don’t smell very nice!

They have both made cards, decorated with flowers and butterflies which were presented to me with huge grins and twinkling eyes and proclamations of “You are the best Mummy in the whole wide world!” A title for which I always feel most unworthy.

And I just thought to myself.. y’know Julie, just blog that, because it’s moments like that which make being a mother the best experience ‘in the whole wide world!’

Happy Mothers Day for Sunday xx




The Gallery: Hair…

*Deep sigh* That is the sound of the only female member of my family to get the straight hair… My Mother has gently wavy hair, my sisters cockscrew curls… My daughter well, it started off non existent but as you will see… yeah, curls!

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Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Dear So and So… (the kick up the arse edition.)

Dear Me.

Stop being so hard on yourself. So, you don’t feel like a ray of sunshine every day, who does?

Whilst I appreciate that life is not easy at the moment it’s not the end of the world and it will change, you know it will, because you have the ability to make that happen.

Is there a day in the last 3 months where you have not found something to smile at? No, there is not.  You have a tendency to look for the joy around you, to find something that makes you smile when realistically shouting and crying would seem to be a better option and yes, I guess you hide that well too…

Even in your darkest days of years ago when you really were alone, frightened, hungry and the world felt like it was crushing you from all sides, you’d pick your arse up off the floor and kick back at the negativity until something made you laugh. Those days are gone because of how you choose to live your life and guess what? THEY ARE NEVER COMING BACK.

And you know the best bit? The sharing of the smiles, the contagiousness of the laughter, remember that, think on how everyone is happier when you are yourself and use that as fuel to look harder for the contentment.

Yes, I know this sounds like motivational workshop stand-up-and-sing bullsh*t but FFS woman! You know it works for you so sort it out!

Life may not be exactly how you would choose it it be but there is no need to apportion blame for that, especially not on yourself. Problems are transient, like life they move on, you choose how you view the life you live and have the ability to change that view, it’s not easy but it can be done.

Keep going. Look for the little things that make you smile, be aware of when you stop and change that.

You have a great family, relish them. Your zest for life is amazing, think on that.

Everything will be fine.


Me xx



Dear You

If you are reading this and you know you have made me smile – ever. Thank you.

I hope I have made you smile at some point too.


Me xx




The Gallery – Education


These two photos are from my children’s nursery, I took them last night at parents evening. The minibeast wall always makes me smile, they talk of mini beasts a lot my two, although they are not so keen when they find them….

The book corner is the little ladies favourite area.

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