Silent Sunday



New Bee-ginning



It’s our new (second hand) hive! Squee! Apparently it needs blow torching but this bee dream looks like it might actually happen… Except we have no bees!


Funny Buuzzzness…

One day, earlier this year, whilst watching lambs being born, I met a man (gasp!) no you’re fine! He was manning a stand at the Lacock College Lambing weekends telling people about his bee keeping courses.  My Husband has always been interested in bees, watching documentaries on the telebox etc and so I said to him, “Do you fancy doing a bee keeping course?” to which he replied “Oh yes!” So I took the leaflet and we came home.

Now ladies, I don’t know about your chaps but my husband is verging on impossible to buy presents for, it’s a nightmare! So, with his birthday fast approaching I rejoiced inwardly at being let off the hook and booked him on the course.

And he loves it!

But with all these buzzy wonderful ideas it’s only when you see them getting so involved and interested that you realise this is going to be the next big thing.  The Koi pond is constructed, the filters need a minimum of attention, we enjoy watching the fish a lot but the don’t ‘do’ anything bar looking stunning.  Yes he does have a few cars that need attention and the world of DIY is continual but this bee idea is a good one. We need bees, the world needs bees, lets keep bees!

I have been assured that as long as the children don’t go near it the beautiful bees they won’t bother them, I guess I will have to trust him on that one as I don’t know any better.

Then it occurred to me this morning, I Don’t Know Any Better *panics*!!  I’m fine not knowing about the bees and how to keep them but I would like to know about the bits around them! Plants they like, how to keep them fed, products they make, how to handle honey, bee propolis, pollen, wax… It’s intriguing really…

So I set up a new twitter account, yes I could use the old one but if bee people follow me back they might not want to read about our child/wine/life issues. It’s @beebuzzyness

So this might be a new chapter in our lives. The husband is looking for a swarm (so yell if you see/have one!) and he’s rather keen to move forward…

We shall see.

I shall buzzoff now 😉