Smile – The Gallery

The best thing about camping is playing football with Daddy before bed 🙂

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Holidays Over…

We are back from our second long weekend away, this time was 3 nights camping in Verwood, I love camping and have found the lack of home distractions like TV and laptop very soothing, now I just need a hot shower, a good nights sleep in a real bed and the chance to write some more blog posts and life will be perfect 🙂

Tomorrow nursery resumes and I will be child free for three whole hours, Mummy needs some me time, not sure what but that doesn’t matter. It’s time to crank up the routines again and get life back on an even keel.

I have found that dieting and camping do not mix, a bbq is really bad for the figure even if it is good for the soul, so I’m not expecting much good news from the scales tomorrow morning – I will let you know….

One August Sunday ~ The Gallery

I almost missed the boat on this one….

We went on holiday on Friday, 3 nights camping in a field in Axminster, stunning view (which I forgot to photograph!) but I also was without laptop and internet and therefore did not see the topic at Sticky Fingers Gallery until I checked my email yesterday – lesson learned… find internet on Fridays.

Sunday was the day three Mummy bloggers started their trip to Bangladesh with Save the Children, you can see more about that by clicking the picture to the right of this blog post – go see, it’s important! Sign the petition.
But come back again! To mark this exciting trip Tara asked us all to take a photo on Sunday to create a kind of Blip journal of one day.

Rising panic! Did I get the camera out on Sunday?

Luckily we had a trip down to Seaton on Sunday, ate a cream tea (naughty) and went to look at the trams, much to the kids disappointment we didn’t ride on them, far too expensive! Not impressed.  So Seaton trams are not going to be getting any good publicity here! But we did take a photo… phew

The smalls look a bit annoyed that they are not getting to go for a tram ride, at 2 and nearly 4 they are not aware how very lucky they are to be able to live where they do and as they do, this is something I’m going to have to make sure they realise…

Happy Holidays

Today we are embarking on a camping holiday, the hall is jam packed with the equipment, there is so much I wonder if it will fit in the car!

The new tent and awning are the size of a baby hippo, it’s a 7 man tent but how the can honestly expect 7 “men” to sleep in it is beyond me, what with snoring and rolling over etc.. it would never happen!

My OH seems to have gone on a table buying frenzy since out last trip, we have two new tables, both with adjustable legs, a small one for the smalls and a larger one for the bigs. Our original table was one of those roll out affairs that clip together and it’s an unstable table at best.

We also took delivery of our new loo yesterday, we did toy with the cardboard version as recommended by twitter, the fold flat ability was fleeting tempting but with a almost 4 year old who treats any new toilet a new toy, on off, on off, “but I need another wee!” something more substantial was called for!

I have been pondering food for several days, we are away for 2 dinners and Saturday night is shaping up to be a bbq night, what does one bbq on the weight watchers diet? They have a natty little tool over at weight watchers online which allows you to choose items from a bbq add the “dressings” to calculate your points, a hot dog with ketchup is 7 points! Not enough to keep you going in all that fresh air… So I’m going to have vegetable kebabs, onions, pepper, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms on sticks with a spray of olive oil – all the veg is “point” less so it trough the kebab time 🙂 I think the smalls will probably want in on some of that action too with any luck. Sunday night will be spag bol or some king of hob top pasta, I am reading my new Cool Camping Cookbook, won from Random Musings of a Tattooed Mummy’s blog (OH is pretty hard to cook for though!)

So what is left to do here this morning? I have to pack our clothes, I’m assuming wet weather and it is discernible cooler out there, so it’s wellies, trousers, coats etc along with the pants and t’shirts. We also have the battle of the toys to contend with “No Darling, you do not need to take all those teddies and dollies, just two – choose please” Tantrum ensues…

Then I need to catch the cats….


It will be worth it when we get there and the tent is up and we are happily charging around in the outdoors 🙂

I shall probably tell you all about it when we get back! Missing us already? Of course you are!

Images Sausages on the stove by Manning999 – Fickr creative commons


After living with myself for 39 and a half years I know when I’m getting so wound up and depressed about “stuff” that I’m about to take a pop at someone, since I am so useless at that as well and always end up feeling even more insignificant and hopeless having achieved nothing, I’m going to attack this feeling from a different direction. I’m going to count some of my blessings…

Health, I’m healthy – over weight yes, but healthy enough, last year I spent a long time in Physio with a bruised coccyx and a sprained ankle with torn ligaments. All seems fine this year, as soon as I manage to get little him into nursery the same time as his sister I’m going to be much more active, cycling, walking and swimming. That should help with the depression angle too, I have a tendency towards downward spirals, I often see them coming and can take steps towards lifting myself up, I am lucky in that respect too

The kids are healthy too, they both get eczema but it’s controllable, they eat loads of fruit and although he is starting to test the water of refusal he mostly enjoys a wide variety of foods and will try new things. She has always eaten well but often will not try new things, she can be bribed though, he he.

Himself is fairly healthy, smoking aside, he finds his hours and the driving a strain some weeks and it takes him longer to bounce back but I think he is ok.

Wealth, well we are not wealthy at all but we get by and manage to stay on top of the bills. I’m a stay at home Mum which is what I wanted for my children, especially pre- school. We have our own house, we can do our own basic maintenance without having to hire someone, it’s knocked about a bit at the moment thanks to having two under 4’s a puppy and 2 cats as can be expected!

We have some Mummy and Daddy toys, cable TV, two laptops and a Wii; the kids have toys falling out of their rooms because there are so many.

After a worrying time in the last few years where Daddy had to take a pay cut and a reduction of hours his work does seem to have picked up again and he is good at his job, I don’t think you can ever be blasé about job security anymore; thankfully it’s not a pressing worry.

We can’t afford to go abroad this year for a holiday and hiring a self catering cottage in the UK is even more expensive, our holiday will be house sitting for my brother in law up in Yorkshire, I’m looking forward to it and hope that their dog and our Poppy do actually get on!

In the loft we have almost everything for a camping holiday and I fully intend to get it all out and air it soon then book us a weekend not too far away where we can get some fresh air (late night and early morning too with the kids!)

We have a car that works, as much as we bemoan the passing of our beloved Ford Explorer it is good to be able to afford to drive somewhere again, we think we might trade in our C4 for another 4×4 next year, we miss the driving height, the copious storage and frankly – going off road!

And the hot tub is running – bonus!

Are we happy? Mostly I think, that is a tough commodity to measure, my husband has been my best friend for years, we enjoy each other’s company and after being together 13 years there is still love and passion… The smalls seem happy too as much as smalls can! We get our fair share of tantrums and “crying at not getting own way” Little miss is in line for an Oscar next year for at least 3 categories, he stamps his foot and shouts “NO” without thinking, listening or comprehending what is going on or being asked of him.

The smalls are a blessing in themselves – every moment. The Litle miss is bright and picks things up quickly, she’s not over achieving by any measure which is fine by me.. She has the face of an angel and she uses it so expressively she can have you in stitches (she does get miffed with people stifling giggles while she tries to explain something.) The little man is the cuddliest little man, he is a tornado of movement and destruction and you get to a point of desperation with the house wrecked, stuff everywhere and then he says “ahhh, Mummy” and I get a huge cuddle. What’s a Mum supposed to do in the face of that!

These are only some of my blessings, I know that, there are many more but now I feel a little less frustrated at life I’m going to stop because you never know when I may need to count some more in the future.