The Gallery – 3 Little Words

“Where’s the keys?”

The smalls love helping Daddy pull apart his MG’s, the little lady already knows the parts names and tools. Which is more then I can claim!

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Silent Sunday; Daddies Little Helper

Silent Sunday

Lust at first sight


Four wheels, a steering wheel, a few windows, a buggy size boot and a gearstick sometimes, pretty colours and electric windows…

That is what they are all about isn’t it? Well I thought so, until recently….

Ladies (and Gentlemen) I have met a car that reduces my knees to jelly makes my pulse quicken and lets my breath leave my body in a long drawn out sigh…..

I (wish I could) give you the Audi R8

Woof! I mean, seriously woof!

At £85,100 there is no way I could hope to own one of these babies and I wouldn’t want to drive it either, I would probably stroke it and talk to it, I might even lick it… nah, I’m kidding (right?).  I would certainly prop up my deck chair get a bottle of chilled bolly and just sip and look at it…

Who ever designed this “precision machine of speed and aerodynamics” is a God. I worship you…

There has never been another vehicle that has turned my head, this people, is Lust at first sight!

Oh boy…..