Granny square rug, not to scale..

Just a quick post to show you the granny square rug I knocked up this afternoon for my dolls house music room. It’s made with a 2mm hook using unsplit embroidery silk. Not 1/12 scale at all but I’m still pleased with the result.


It’s also made me realise how much better my crochet skill is now, almost a year since I started. My tension is so much better!


Puppy Dog Hat Ta Da! Moment

I’d like to give a big THANK YOU shout out to Sarah from the Repeat Crafter Me blog, I’ve just finished her Crochet Puppy Hat and I’m thrilled with it!

The pattern was easy to follow for a beginner like me and the accompanying photo’s and video were brilliant.

Here is the finished hat, modeled superbly by my little lady’s much loved bear. My son has put his order in for a red one!




When my crochet teacher Ali asked me why I wanted to learn to crochet my answer was two fold (although I ramble rather, so here’s the potted answer) Firstly, it’s always annoyed me that I couldn’t. People say it’s easier than knitting but picking up a crochet book and trying to work through the diagrams is a nightmare… Secondly, I wanted to make things. Toys mostly but blankets and hats, scarves and other things. Things that can travel to the caravan for crafting in the evenings, perhaps something to pop on a table at school fates to see if anyone is gullible erm lovely enough to buy them…

Crochet has more than lived up to my expectation. It’s fun and can be quick to produce something, like my first toy project!


A bee! Surprise surprise! I’m very pleased with it *grins* many more to come I hope!