“Can I Watch My DVD?”

So, the invasion of the mouseling continues…

Angelina Ballerina is still the favourite new toy, she is subjected to all manner of activities on a daily basis (and is whipped away when ever possible by the Little Man) and made to sit through her very own new DVD “Pop Star Girls” as often as the Little Lady is allowed to play it.. So some part of most days…

Now, I have only seen bits of the DVD, flitting in and out of the room as us Mothers do but I have seen the transfixed look of worship on my daughters face and yes, I can hear the wailing (sorry) singing along with the soundtrack clearly enough, I’m happy enough with the content as we have had to watch Angelina on the TV on and off for the last year or so; the determination to succeed and learning about responsibilities story lines can only have a positive effect can’t they, (although there is way too much pink involved for my liking!)  I can honestly tell you that she is loving it, and that is the important thing, right?

We also seem to be spending a lot of time stiffing giggles whilst having to watch a “performance” of rather sweet ballet ‘interpretation’ including much waving of the arms and flicking of the head to peek at how well she’s being received.  In fact, I asked the little lady if she would like ballet lessons, she said “why?” and looked put out, I said “So you can learn how to do ballet” and she replied with relief “I already can do ballet” followed by more arm swinging and pirouetting.

I’d be daft not to conclude that Angelina is a huge hit with both of my children as the little man is right behind his sisters wishes to watch the DVD, he even requested watching “Angemouserina” whilst she was away at nursery this week and his 3yo interpretation of her dancing is beyond hilarious! He tells me “Pink is my fay-it” (favourite for those who don’t speak little boy) which I calmly refuse to worry about after my sisters experiences with my nephew and the “pink spiderman costume” saga….


Here is the science bit…
Release Date: Monday 21st March 2011
RRP:  £12.99
Running Time: 60 minutes
Available from: All major retailers and www.hitstoreuk.com