A brief spattering

We had a little bit of snow, not much at all, enough to create much excitement!


It’s the fastest I’ve ever managed to get the little lady out of bed! She spent ages in the garden playing with the snow before school.  The little man is not so keen but got carried away by his sisters enthusiasm.

The school run was a trauma, the council don’t grit the road leading to school and its rather steep in places.  We had icy conditions with cars sliding and traffic backed up rather fast.  It was my day for traffic management, so I left my car at the top of the hill and walked down with the smalls. I was pleased I did! Ours is only a small school but everyone drops off in 20 minutes, its usually a well oiled machine but ungritted roads are a bit of a nightmare. A little bit of snow causes so much havoc in the UK but I still love it to bits!


We had to pause to take a picture of the snowdrops, it’s become rather a tradition, the first flowers poking their head out after the dullness of December, it’s the hope of new life they bring.  We stop, huddled together and proclaim over them every year.  Beautiful.

I hope you are staying warm and safe and enjoying the snow (or your own weather) wherever you are!!


Bluebell Wood


We are heading off on a round robin of visits this weekend, it occurred to me that I might just need to take my phone. Modern technology is so incredible isn’t it.

So, this is a bit of a test post and a bit of a ‘I love Bluebells post’.


Now I shall run off to the lap top and see if it works….

The Gallery: My Back Yard

I love taking pictures in my garden, it changes daily, I don’t spend as much time out there as I should but I do love to get up close and personal with the camera.

The sun is shining here today in my little corner of the green and blue planet, according to Twitter it seems to be raining everywhere else! So I’ve taken advantage of the weather and got myself organised early for a change – in my back yard.

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Silent Sunday – New Buds

Silent Sunday

Smug Satisfaction (The Gallery – Emotions)


Dwarf Bean


Dwarf Pea




Little seed, falling from my daughters tiny hand.
Carefully covered with soil, patted to keep you safe and warm.
Given a drink with such joyful relish.

Little plant, a cause of excitement and wonderment,
small fingers pointing and much squealing,
water sloshing out of a forcefully wielded watering can.

Little flower, delicately unfolding to the light
gazed upon with respect an awe
scooped up water from the paddling pool administered.