I Heart Me Monday: 3 Things Game

Week #8 question:

Tell us 3 things you have done, 2 truths & 1 lie.

I did a meme recently The Memetastic award along these lines and nobody discovered the lie at first attempt… Not that I’m particularly good at lying, the opposite in fact, I’m hopeless… Sometimes the truth is just so bizarre that it couldn’t possibly be true, right?

So here you are, two of these ‘things I have done’ are true, one is not…

1) Been Scuba Diving in an estuary…

2) Freefell from a perfectly good airplane…

4) Flew the Fly by Wire in New Zealand…


Feel free to leave your guess in the comments, no prizes just bonus points for taking part!

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I Heart Me : Making Today Easier…

Biting the Bullet of my current inability to write anything of anything I’m carrying on regardless with

Where ‘notes’ asked us this week

Week #7 question:

What could you do today to make your life easier?

Today is a Monday – you noticed! Well done 😉 Normally on Monday’s I have 3 hours of unadulterated #metime whilst both smalls are at nursery. The past 3 Monday’s Daddy has been home and as much as I like that I miss my #me. Today it is school holidays in this little corner of England so once again no #metime, thinking about what I could do today to make my life easier made me think ahead a little… Something I rarely do in my mad slapdash approach to my life.

My small people wake early, the little lady will be awake from 5 something most mornings and this morning it was 5.15am. Last night I planted the seed in her mind, get up and turn the TV on and it will be on the right channel… she did (and then woke me up because she wanted a Barbie film.. but hey, it’s a start!) Then I had some activities loosely planned, the little man was ill over the weekend so we are having a stay at home day.  So after Barbie they had a bath, they love that and usually stay in as long as possible, then we played Wii Just Dance which had me in fits of muffled laughter, toddlers are just like cats when you laugh at them.  After lunch we are doing beading and then the cars and trains will be out… Which takes us to dinner which I have planned instead of the “wonder what is in the freezer” mayhem that usually ensues.

So far so good I have to say, I’m already thinking what I might be able to plan for tomorrow, if the day is brighter I think some fresh air might be in order – garden tidy up or duck feeding.

and perhaps I might consider doing this planning thing again!

I think it’s unlikely, hopeless case *chuckles*.


I Heart Me Monday – How do you blog?

How do you blog…. Interesting question… How do I blog? Organically. There, that was a quick post wasn’t it!

Alright *reluctantly drags attention back from interesting twitter conversation* it’s like this…

Something tiny, an inkling or flash of an idea appears in my head and worms it’s way around my brain until it’s forming a pearl of an idea or sometimes a Moeraki Boulder of an idea and it niggles and worries at me until eventually I have to spew it into the keyboard like a volcanic erruption, punctuation comes later (or doesn’t because I’m hopeless at punctuation…)

Moeraki Boulders

This is effectively how I write everything…  Discipline, structure and often content are of no matter. Which is why I don’t write interesting commentary on newsworthy topics or join in very often with the subject led fiction,  in fact I have been waiting for ‘I Heart me Monday’ to throw up a subject that doesn’t gel enough for me to spew about – hasn’t happened yet obviously…

I often wish I could be more disciplined and focused, perhaps with practice I will, perhaps actually doing some practice might help…. At the moment though I have so much coursing my head that needs venting it’s fair to say ‘practice’ is not going to happen today….

I Heart Me Monday – Oh Wondrously Ridiculous?

See, see! This! This is why I join in with I ♥ Me,

This week Notes has asked us to and I quote “Tell us something wonderful about yourself”.

Look, I know what you are thinking, “oh my, here we go, she’s going to big up how bloody marvelous she is at loads of stuff and” *yawn* “lets not bother reading…..” But stop and think for a minute, if you are a regular visitor here you will know that my usual approach in talking about myself (which I have to admit does happen fairly often) is to poke fun at me.  I’m quite happy to set myself up as the idiot and have a good chortle because apart from often finding myself faintly ridiculous in my haphazard approach to  my life, I live to laugh and laughter is often my first response..

In mirth, in defense, in social situations, in business situations, with the smalls and adults alike.  On Twitter, in person, in my writing, in my approach to life and to counteract the depression and insomnia which sometimes threatens to drown me… I turn to laughter to make me happy.

I’d not say I’m funny or witty, in fact I always get my sister to proof read the posts which I “think” might be amusing because as Ricky Gervais has recently showed us, humor can so easily hit the wrong note, Robert Downey Jr.s quote from the Golden Globes said it all “Aside from the fact that it’s been hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I’d say the show’s going pretty good so far, wouldn’t you?” I’d hate that and would be very upset if my weak attempts at humor hurt someone…

So yes, this is why I join in with I ♥ Me,because sometimes I need to stop and appreciate that actually the simple things I take for granted about myself, like my ability to make laughter improve my day and hopefully that of others is a really great and wonderful thing, long may it last….

I Heart Me Monday – the their needs my needs balance.

Pre-smalldom, I never really considered myself needy, why should I? As long as my partner/husband was happy I just tended to my needs on autopilot, or by whim…

From 6 months pregnant my sleep pattern was seriously disturbed and this has continued to date… Yes, I kid you not..5 years.  I think it’s evolved into a natural pattern for me now, 5 hours straight sleep seems to be the most I ever get at one time and I do need more.

The other needy balance thing is the Me Time, I should have been aware of this baby… I have always been the self confident happy in my own company type, yes I do love company, I love making people laugh and acting the clown but I don’t often NEED it. I need solitude and quiet even away from the husband… Smalls are noisy little dynamo’s aren’t they and by the end of the day I’m exhausted and badly in need of easy quiet adult company, I guess that is why Twitter works so well for me…

Insomnia and Me Time are hardly new themes on this blog so this is as far as I’m going with this post… You have heard it all before and I shall continue to walk the tightrope that is life – unless I doze off that is….


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I Heart Me in 2011…

So here we are with week two of I heart Me and to be honest I should not be even attempting to write anything at all! In the last 4 days I have had approximately 12 hours sleep, none of which was more than two hours in length due to my lovely smalls having the most awful dry tickly coughs and runny nose sneezes, my son has also been having nightmares which interrupt my sleep as if he  was physically jumping up and down on me.  This is part of my job as Mummy, yes I bitch about it on twitter and to anyone who listens but that is life. So I’m unfocused and have a tendency to ramble – sorry and all that but I have come to realize since I wrote the last “Me” post that this journey is very important and I need to take it….

So this weeks question, What do I want for Me in 2011?

Simple and yet complicated…  I want to Recapture an Essence of Me

Me in my 20’s working hard (bah not that bit) and clubbing often and late (eeek – not that either) used to also spend a fair bit of time voraciously reading a vast volume of books, dependent on their size of course; it wasn’t unusual to get through 2 maybe 3 novels a week, I can remember my house mates taking the michael out of me for cooking whilst reading.  Now I’m lucky if I get through one a month. Why is this important? Apart from my love of getting lost in fiction to the point it overtakes my every waking though and my enjoyment of a carefully crafted sentence, I have very early memories which continued over the years of my Mum sitting on the sofa with a book in front of her reading for hours, perhaps it is a learned behaviour? If so, then it is one that I am determined to pass on to my children.

Now that woman, the 20 something with every minute of her life filled with some now seemingly selfish pursuit also loved going to the theatre.  A live performance is rapture. The hushed anticipation of the crowd, the lights dimming, curtain swishing, hanging onto every enunciated word and action even the binoculars have their own delight. I love it and I miss it and I want that back…  Not so hard you would think? Well, one thing I knew about my husband before marriage is that he has no interest in going to the theatre, it’s one of those things I chose to take on board at the time as something we wouldn’t do together, he’s probably go if I nagged him but his reluctance to go would mar my experience… *sigh* that we could choose who we love 😉

And now it’s confession time….  That girl, the 20 something… yeah her. She spent 4 years at catering college  (not my original plan for my life, that was to study English at A level and then some form of degree, fate cocked that plan up good and proper at 17 but that will have to be some other post…) So whilst I stand by my claims to be #notadomesticgoddess I can cook, I used to cook pretty well. I also have a “new” audience to cook for, not just the husband with his need for plain fuel but two untrained palettes that could do with something more interesting.  What about me? I love good tasting food and yearn for better flavours and more interesting meals….

So here it is, a pledge if you like… Start it slow and two by two…

I will attempt to read and enjoy 2 books a month making sure some of this reading time is infront of the small people (with a cuppa for preference).

I will cajole, bribe and drag a theatre enjoying friend to at least 2 performances this year (all free tickets will be rewarded by a blog review).

and I will make 2 “new” dishes per month, regardless to the whinging and unappreciativeness of the consumers, I need variety and twice a month is not a lot to ask at all!!!

So there we are, what I want for 2011, for me…