Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Summer Diary: W2 D1

An early start *grimmace* the Little Man was up rather a lot during the night calling out with the night terrors, the Little Lady had the odd night when she was smaller but nothing like this, he seems to be having them quite often.  So at 5.50am when he woke up upset and loud, waking his sister, it was snuggling on the sofa with Lightning McQueen until the hour became more sociable.

Then they made their own breakfast, this is fast becoming a trend, the Little Lady has a thing about spreading the butter, I have a thing about her not digging holes into the butter but we are finding a common ground and developing her skill on this matter.

After breakfast, fairies were made and the little man attacked the Tesco direct catalog with a pair of scissors, he was allowed, I used to spend hours doing that as a child and then we went frog hunting in the garden!

Look what we found!

Actually we found two but one of the little fellas was not keen to be caught. We let him go into the vegetable filter where they live.

Lessons were learnt in the Koi’s natural tendency to splash their tails 😉

And then we went on a nature trail to find what fruit is left in the garden, sadly only grapes

and this mystery berry, do you know what it is yet? (I do!)

I also grabbed a shot of my favourite Lilly that is out at the moment.

Then I handed a camera over to the Little Lady and she and her brother went with Daddy to the Scrappies to get rid of one of his rusty MG carcasses, whilst I went to the post office and the supermarket.. thrilling but quiet!

She has a cruel streak taking this, he’s napping whilst eating his packed lunch but I’m impressed with how well lined up it is!

Daddy took a couple of pictures at the scrappy.

Currently they are charging up and down the path outside on their scooters, where do they get the energy from!!!

So there you go, week two, day one successfully negotiated.  I know what you are thinking, it’s only 3 O’clock! But we seem to have done so much already today I took the opportunity of Daddy cleaning up a hunk of car with his sandblaster and keeping an eye on the scootering smalls to hide upstairs and write it up, if anything interesting happens between now and bed time I will be sure to let you know.




10 things that make me HAPPY!

I was tagged for this meme by Susie of Newdaynewlesson she has done it 3 times so I’m guessing it’s been around a while, so I have been trying to think what makes me happy besides the smalls, the husband, the cats, vinegar with lashings of chips and chocolate and I’m not really that surprised to find out that the thing that makes me happy in a variety of forms is WATER!

Hot showers:- Standing in the shower cubical with a steaming hot torrent of water beating down on my head and shoulders is like a small corner of heaven, I can almost forget that the smalls are usually tearing up her bedroom or ignore the crys of anguish as he gets a toy she wants or vice versa.

The Sea:- Some of my happiest memories involve the sea, I love the beach in spring and autumn when it is warm but not hot and fairly empty, jumping away from the waves and splashing is such good fun.  The sound of the waves is so restful as they lap back and forth.  Body boarding is as exhausting as it is exhilarating. I’m sure surfing is too although I have never been able to stand up myself.   The sea can be so romantic, sitting on the beach watching the sun go down below the horizon, she is a seductive mistress as she can also be so dangerous, it is also a mysterious place worthy of investigation which leads me to…

Scuba diving:- I obtained my PADI open water in Looe, Cornwall in my twenties, sadly I never kept it up but it’s on the list to revisit.  It was a very happy time for me. Two girl friends and I rented a caravan on a park for a week and did our open water on the seafront in Looe, it was a great experience.  My most striking memory was the way the freshwater of the estuary mixed with the salt water of the sea creating patterns and distortion, beautiful.

Rain:-  There is nothing quite so cleansing as the rain, the way the world smells after it has rained all fresh and somehow green is very special. Shutting my eyes and breathing the scent fills me with a centered contentment, it talks to my soul somewhere in the part of me that is still a cavegirl 🙂

Swimming:- Total suspension in water is a really great feeling too, not quite weightless but somehow supported as you push against it and feel it rushing about your limbs, a fabulous way to stretch and work out.

Hot tub:- This is my escape after a long day of smalldom I often feel like I’m sneaking off to the garden to chill out in the bubbles, of course the smalls often do get to go in too, it’s great to see their faces as they play and splash or mess about with balls.  Daddy and I get to talk in the tub, better then anywhere else because there is no TV or laptop, nothing to detract from the conversation – it’s a place to catch up and make sense of stuff, to plan and to dream.

Steam room:- You can keep your saunas the steam room is the place for me and the ultimate in steam rooms is at Bath Thermae Spa
Each steam room is made of glass and has a different essential oil, my favourite is the jasmine and lavender, so restful and the mountain pine is really invigorating – almost cold somehow, there is a waterfall in the middle of the room which will make you feel washed away with force in seconds – it’s paradise on earth. I took Daddy to the spa for his 40th birthday, we had a great time.

Koi pond:- A lot of effort went into creating our Koi pond, it is kidney shaped and 5ft 8inches deep, Daddy designed dug and constructed the pond and filters himself, there is a smaller pond to the left for goldfish, lillies and frogs. The pond has made our garden a happy place to sit and watch the children play, the sound of the water bubbling and the fish splashing are very relaxing, we are very pleased with it. The neighbours were very pleased to see me out and about after all that digging ;-D

Snow:- As Lola would say “Snow is my favourite and my best” Going on a skiing holiday makes me very happy indeed, there is nothing like a wide piste with freshly fallen powder. You push off and ski through marshmallow snow and it makes a swoooosh swooosh sound as you glide down the hill. We had a stunning fortnight in Copper Mountain, CO before the smalls arrived, I think they will be big enough next year for all of us to go – start saving!

Ice:- Ice really is so very civilized, the lovely clink clink noise it makes as it drops into a glass or the plop as it drops into a Baileys.

So there you have it, 10 reasons water makes me feel happy. Now the hard bit, I have to nominate others to do the meme – I’m really sorry if you have done it before…

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All of whom I think will have interesting things to say on the subject of happy….

Photo Credits
Bath Thermae Spa – Steam room

Garden project…

This weekend we kicked off our horticultural project in the garden. It all started with a discussion about the need for a wall/fence along the edge of the grass, our son is not always aware of things around him and we were concerned he would fall off or run off the edge – he could make that happen easily! So rather than just putting in a fence we thought we would put in a long box to grow veggies in.

I’d like to throw in a disclaimer about here – I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m referring to websites and library books left right and center and I feel totally out of my depth – It will probably all be planted wrong, too close together in the wrong soil and fed all wrong and won’t grow but hey ho, I’m trying!

We are not going all “Good life” (I could never be as glam as Felicity Kendal in wellies) because in our semi detached estate house you just don’t get enough garden for that, of course if Daddy hadn’t built a 6ft deep Koi pond across the back we could have had a bit more veg!!! Still, I thought it was important that our children knew that vegetables and fruit doesn’t magically appear at Morrison’s but takes care and time to get there.

The boxes themselves have been constructed out of old pallets that Daddy accumulated via work so they were free, which is just as well because the compost has cost a fortune! They look very rough at the moment because he didn’t quite have enough to finish them and he intends to sand them and stain them (not holding my breath btw..) Some of the soil has been shipped up from the Mother in Laws (MIL), Daddy and the Little Miss have been working hard digging her a pond recently, the rest and majority of it is compost and well rotted farm manure.

My daughter loves planting seeds, we have some tomato, cucumber and pepper seedlings from her sowing activities, the more tomato plants the better as I need plenty of green ones for green tomato chutney later this year. We also have various lettuces, sweetcorn, cauliflowers, sprouts, courgette and pumpkins to go in and have sown potatoes, carrots and beetroot. Little Miss loved the beetroot seeds they look a bit like cartoon moon rock – bizarre! We have 3 gooseberry bushes, due to limited pace we have to keep them trim hence having 3, a raspberry cane and a tayberry, A cherry tree hidden behind the trampoline which means the birds leave it alone. In pots we have Rhubarb and the most gorgeous patio Blueberry which I have to say is my favourite, if chocolate could grow on trees it would be as good as that. There is also horseradish, chives and mint and I have basil to sow too.

Hopefully I should be able to potter out there for 30 minutes to an hour a day to keep on top of it all and I’m really looking forward to the children picking something they have helped grow and then helping me cook it. Yum yum!