Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Panic Post

You know I’m not sleeping well…..

Lets add some stress to the picture, a very demanding cat and a husband who could steer ships away from the rocks in a pea-souper and you have this, an evicted cat, me consuming tea at 12.45am scouring the internet for ideas about Princess Party foods…

I am not that Mum, you know, the one who loves cooking and entertaining, thrives on making perfect food stuffs for any occasion and has an immaculate house for accepting guests in and really gets off on the whole pulling of an amazing do type of Mum. That is not me, I know her and she does a fantastic job and enjoys it. I find it all a little too much to cope with and would really rather not, thanks, if it’s all the same to you and all….

BUT! What can one do?

I love seeing my family and watching the little lady having a great time so I am trying (and ever so grateful that she wanted her cousins and only a few other children to come).

So… The Princess Party arrangements so far.  I have 6 4ft pictures of three princesses, various princess stuff – cups, plates etc, I still need to get the streamers.

The party food list is so far thus (feel free to add any QUICK AND MEGA EASY Princess type foods to the comments, inspiration is always welcome!)

Little Pizzas, Smiley Faces, Crisps, Cherry Tomatoes, cucumber, pepper slices arranged around pink tinged houmus. A bowl of Jellybeans, Red Grapes, Iced biscuits, Pink Jelly and icecream, pink waffer biscuits.

Breadsticks dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on the end to look like fairy godmother wands.

Princess cake courtesy of Tesco.

and that is as far as I have got.

The Little Lady agreed to pass the parcel and wants to play pin a tail on the Elephant (no, I have no idea why an Elephant) which will probably be enough games as the age ranges are from 1 – 8 and they will mostly be chasing around.

I have the party bags covered – phew!

So maybe I should be less panicky than I feel.

I still don’t think I’m going to sleep though…..

The Princess thing…

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a thing about the colour pink – I dislike pink and all it represents, the girly fluffy feminine barbie princess stuff, pink is for girls and girls must wear pink – bahumbug!

When my niece was born my sister was given a lot of clothing for the baby, it was ALL pink, so when my little madam came along I asked people – not too much pink please!

Now she is 3 and half she gets to choose a lot of the time, I grind my teeth and let her do her thing and as we enjoy the benefits of a lot of handmedowns quite a bit of what she wears to nursery is pink and yes, she loves it…

Dress up is her favourite at the moment and here she is in all her finery.

It’s a phase, I know, next will probably be gothic…

What makes you grit your teeth as they forge their way into independence ?