Wind and the Tide: The Gallery

This weeks theme for The Gallery is Mother Nature, such a broad and expansive subject when you start to consider it. Flicking though my snaps looking for inspiration I came across this picture which illustrates for me two important parts of mother nature which I believe we are yet to fully harness.

My smalls playing on Southbourne Beach, on a very windy day. I made so many trips into the “too splashy” waves to fill up buckets and watering cans because they wouldn’t go in themselves…


Hats off to the Ladies at Nursery.

I have just spent the morning with my son at nursery, it’s his introduction day we have to go once or twice more together so he is quite at home with them and then he will go on his own. I have been quite peeved with them because although I have been telling them of his arrival for 2 years they do not have space for him, he will have to slot in when there is a gap. I have never considered sending him anywhere else because little miss is flourishing there, being two places at 9am might be tricky too because ideally I want him to go on the same mornings as his sister – wonder why?

However, I have to say it for those Ladies they are totally awesome at what they do! My daughter always comes home with a pile of drawings, a painting, something she has stuck, a cake or biscuit she has helped to make, sometimes modeling clay or a construction of boxes, often there is so much I’m glad I have the buggy with me to carry it all!

Yesterday she had a lamb she had painted white and stuck on cotton wool and googly eyes, the day before she had a vase of paper tulips (in fact she had two of those, must of got an extra go). Today she was doing writing in her book, mixing paints to make different colours, making biscuits and they had a nature table with a huge array of sticks, leaves bits of tree and blossom and they were hunting for mini beasts. All in one morning.

She loves going to nursery and once her coat is off and lunch box is on the trolley she is off so fast I don’t often get a backward glance let alone a kiss and a hug and that is the way it should be.

The Little Man had a ball this morning, he played kitchen, drew on the white boards with markers, played in the sand, drew with pencils, slid down the slide over and over, made sandcastles and filled up dumper trucks, looked for mini beasts, lined up with the big kids and washed his hands and sat still while they all had fruit, milk and marmite on toast at snack time.

Same again next Wednesday!

A day at the beach

We needed to break out and run around a bit, so I asked my daughter where she would like to go, “to the beach” she said, and I frowned because she doesn’t normally like getting mucky but it seemed like a good idea.

Alex on the beach

It's in the sand

Under the lift
Blown away
After a little while the little miss decided she didn’t like the sand in her toes, it was yucky, so I engaged her in a game of smash my sandcastle, after a while we packed up and rode up the cliff railway which they really loved.
After which we stopped by at Nana’s to say hi and get Mummy a much needed cup of tea.

The little miss was too busy with Nana to have her picture taken