A brief spattering

We had a little bit of snow, not much at all, enough to create much excitement!


It’s the fastest I’ve ever managed to get the little lady out of bed! She spent ages in the garden playing with the snow before school.  The little man is not so keen but got carried away by his sisters enthusiasm.

The school run was a trauma, the council don’t grit the road leading to school and its rather steep in places.  We had icy conditions with cars sliding and traffic backed up rather fast.  It was my day for traffic management, so I left my car at the top of the hill and walked down with the smalls. I was pleased I did! Ours is only a small school but everyone drops off in 20 minutes, its usually a well oiled machine but ungritted roads are a bit of a nightmare. A little bit of snow causes so much havoc in the UK but I still love it to bits!


We had to pause to take a picture of the snowdrops, it’s become rather a tradition, the first flowers poking their head out after the dullness of December, it’s the hope of new life they bring.  We stop, huddled together and proclaim over them every year.  Beautiful.

I hope you are staying warm and safe and enjoying the snow (or your own weather) wherever you are!!

I love you, I really do! : The Gallery

I’m a lucky lady, there is a lot of love in my life.  My husband and small people are fabulous, I have a smashing family and some great friends. So you think you are going to get another plethora of gushing people pictures with me going on about how great they all are? No, not today.

Today I’m going to tell you about something else I have always loved with a passion, something that this Christmas week with all the delays at airports, with people not being able to get home to their loved ones because of it; I need a reminder that I do love snow.  I’m just not very fond of it this week…

Growing up my step sister had a book called Snow, we all love it and often quote it at each other often with great delight and many sniggers…  It’s is such a large part of our childhood that once we started having children of our own we bought copies for them too…

In fact it is currently quoted on my Facebook profile!

Daddy and I used to have the best skiing holidays, we would look forward to them all year.

I love the scrunch under my boot, I love the swish as my ski’s go though virgin powder, I love feeling the tingle of cold air on my face when you point your skis downhill and just throw caution to the wind and push off, the exhilaration of getting down a tricky bit without falling on my arse… (that does happen rather often unfortunately!) I also relish blaming those moments on too many glasses of mulled wine, could there possibly be any other explanation?

Fresh fallen snow is so pure and beautiful, so pristine, so much fun to jump in and throw to slide on and to chuck at each other, the smalls are slowly learning that involving Daddy in a snowball fight means that they will be bombarded with snowballs and yet they still do it and the giggles are just simply awesome!

Our garden yesterdayand it made our trip on the Santa Train really fabulous on Saturday!

So snow, I still love you, I really do! If you are still here next week the skis will be coming out of the loft and we will be spending the day on a hillside near here for our third year of Wiltshire Skiing but until then, play nice and let people be with their loved ones for Christmas….

I hope you all have a magical merry white Christmas with the people you love.

White, alwhite! #thegallery

I often try and do something a bit further from the obvious with the gallery, just because unlike most of the ladies I only play with my camera, I’m not a photographer or arty in any way, I join in because it’s fun, which seems like the best reason of all 🙂

However, this weeks theme ‘white’ was just right for how I was feeling about the world this week. It has been white, alwhite, although not enough here for skiing which was not so alwhite!

Yesterday the snow had all gone but the garden was looking funky decked out in spikey frost everywhere, so I braved the poop spotted lawn and snapped a few to share with the world….

Happy snow days everyone!

Where to begin? The Gallery!

This weeks The Gallery theme from Sticky fingers is playtime and should be easy,, so why oh why did I have soooo much trouble with it?

There is so much that playtime could encompass that I couldn’t choose!

Love that face!

Playing with your food!

“Helping” Daddy

Loving it 🙂

Because Mummy wanted too…

Boarding in Wiltshire because we could…

It’s a Barbie car *mother groans inwardly…*

Insisting on paddling although unprepared

Finding fun in chores

Learning through play

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Screaming at the top of your lungs with exhilaration

The video clip is terrible quality – sorry – after faffing with cables for 2 hours I decided to record it from the flip screen onto my phone to upload, I am as ever incredibly useless with technology….

The Gallery – Holidays

This week Tara from Sticky Fingers has given us “holidays” as a prompt.

What to choose….

I have had some lovely holidays, the last holiday in Gran Canaria with my family was certainly eventful, I used photos from our honeymoon for last weeks gallery on “creatures”…

If you asked me where I would choose to go if I could book anything at all the answer would probably involve the White Stuff!

This picture was from Fernie, British Columbia, fairy tale trees and a view to relish forever, Fernie is know as a steep and deep resort, it was certainly deep and it had enough not terribly steep to keep me happy.

There were lots of little back paths in the woods to wander around too, this was taken on an evening stroll, it has to be my favourite picture of himself…

10 things that make me HAPPY!

I was tagged for this meme by Susie of Newdaynewlesson she has done it 3 times so I’m guessing it’s been around a while, so I have been trying to think what makes me happy besides the smalls, the husband, the cats, vinegar with lashings of chips and chocolate and I’m not really that surprised to find out that the thing that makes me happy in a variety of forms is WATER!

Hot showers:- Standing in the shower cubical with a steaming hot torrent of water beating down on my head and shoulders is like a small corner of heaven, I can almost forget that the smalls are usually tearing up her bedroom or ignore the crys of anguish as he gets a toy she wants or vice versa.

The Sea:- Some of my happiest memories involve the sea, I love the beach in spring and autumn when it is warm but not hot and fairly empty, jumping away from the waves and splashing is such good fun.  The sound of the waves is so restful as they lap back and forth.  Body boarding is as exhausting as it is exhilarating. I’m sure surfing is too although I have never been able to stand up myself.   The sea can be so romantic, sitting on the beach watching the sun go down below the horizon, she is a seductive mistress as she can also be so dangerous, it is also a mysterious place worthy of investigation which leads me to…

Scuba diving:- I obtained my PADI open water in Looe, Cornwall in my twenties, sadly I never kept it up but it’s on the list to revisit.  It was a very happy time for me. Two girl friends and I rented a caravan on a park for a week and did our open water on the seafront in Looe, it was a great experience.  My most striking memory was the way the freshwater of the estuary mixed with the salt water of the sea creating patterns and distortion, beautiful.

Rain:-  There is nothing quite so cleansing as the rain, the way the world smells after it has rained all fresh and somehow green is very special. Shutting my eyes and breathing the scent fills me with a centered contentment, it talks to my soul somewhere in the part of me that is still a cavegirl 🙂

Swimming:- Total suspension in water is a really great feeling too, not quite weightless but somehow supported as you push against it and feel it rushing about your limbs, a fabulous way to stretch and work out.

Hot tub:- This is my escape after a long day of smalldom I often feel like I’m sneaking off to the garden to chill out in the bubbles, of course the smalls often do get to go in too, it’s great to see their faces as they play and splash or mess about with balls.  Daddy and I get to talk in the tub, better then anywhere else because there is no TV or laptop, nothing to detract from the conversation – it’s a place to catch up and make sense of stuff, to plan and to dream.

Steam room:- You can keep your saunas the steam room is the place for me and the ultimate in steam rooms is at Bath Thermae Spa
Each steam room is made of glass and has a different essential oil, my favourite is the jasmine and lavender, so restful and the mountain pine is really invigorating – almost cold somehow, there is a waterfall in the middle of the room which will make you feel washed away with force in seconds – it’s paradise on earth. I took Daddy to the spa for his 40th birthday, we had a great time.

Koi pond:- A lot of effort went into creating our Koi pond, it is kidney shaped and 5ft 8inches deep, Daddy designed dug and constructed the pond and filters himself, there is a smaller pond to the left for goldfish, lillies and frogs. The pond has made our garden a happy place to sit and watch the children play, the sound of the water bubbling and the fish splashing are very relaxing, we are very pleased with it. The neighbours were very pleased to see me out and about after all that digging ;-D

Snow:- As Lola would say “Snow is my favourite and my best” Going on a skiing holiday makes me very happy indeed, there is nothing like a wide piste with freshly fallen powder. You push off and ski through marshmallow snow and it makes a swoooosh swooosh sound as you glide down the hill. We had a stunning fortnight in Copper Mountain, CO before the smalls arrived, I think they will be big enough next year for all of us to go – start saving!

Ice:- Ice really is so very civilized, the lovely clink clink noise it makes as it drops into a glass or the plop as it drops into a Baileys.

So there you have it, 10 reasons water makes me feel happy. Now the hard bit, I have to nominate others to do the meme – I’m really sorry if you have done it before…

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All of whom I think will have interesting things to say on the subject of happy….

Photo Credits
Bath Thermae Spa – Steam room