The Gallery – World Photograph Day

Since we went digital in 2004 mostly all my photographs are on my lap top or the external hard drive, in fact since the Little Lady was eight weeks old the albums have stopped.

I loved my photo albums, they would be my choice of items to get out of the house after the children, husband and cats in case of a fire.  The first thing I thought about when I saw the title for the Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week wasn’t “Oooo what shall I take!” but “*sigh* I really need to sort that out and get my albums up to date.” I was also given a Digital photo frame for my birthday from the smalls and I haven’t filled that up either….  Time to get a grip!


This weekend just gone we were away in Pembrokeshire, so I give you

Slide together


The Gallery – 3 Little Words

“Where’s the keys?”

The smalls love helping Daddy pull apart his MG’s, the little lady already knows the parts names and tools. Which is more then I can claim!

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The Gallery : What I’m grateful for…

I’m so very totally and speechlessly grateful for my beautiful children… For all the hard work, noise, taxiing and nagging, they are supremely lovely, well behaved, gifted and loving.  My daughter dances like a angel and my son ‘huggles’ like a prince.

But you have seen them soooooooooooooooo many times! *yawn* so I thought I’d change the angle. Today (Tuesday 31st) my small people were given a camera for the first time. It’s Daddies birthday and we visited the New Forest Wildlife sanctuary, apart from arguing about who took what they did a pretty good job.

I present to you, today, a family outing as photographed by my children, who I am pride burstingly grateful for…

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The Gallery: Green

I’m stretching the theme a little far this week because these pictures are not really green… but they are plants in my garden which are looking divine at the moment…

And they are both ‘first’ as in:-

It’s the first time the  fir has grown cones, we never expect such a lovely colour!

It’s the first time the Wisteria has bloomed so profusely and fully, usually some part of the flower is fading by the time the bottom flowers open… and the smell! Wow…

Happy Summer 🙂

The Gallery; My Blog

Ooooo Hard Tara! Hard…

Mostly because even a year in I’m not really that sure what this is Allabout, us, certainly, but I often joke it’s allaboutme me me!

So I stole an idea from tumblr….

Yeah… they had pictures hanging on a pretty tree in a wood somewhere but the fact that this is taken in our conservatory is fairly typical of my blog too…

It took me a while to get the balance right which tickled me pink because I’m still trying to get the balance right of all this mishmash they call life, which is one of the main reasons I blog, to get the thoughts out of my cotton wool infested brain.

This weeks theme Tara is a stroke of genius – Thanks xx

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