There’s a Fire!!

“There’s a fire! and Diesel 10 is horrible!”

A review of Day of the Diesels, the new Thomas & Friends film by my 3 year old son, he can’t say much more, he’s mesmerized by it!

Poor Percy gets very upset when Thomas makes friends with Belle the fire engine train, he gets drawn into Diesel 10’s plans to take over the steamworks.

My boy has always loved Thomas and his friends, he has engines and bags and books but never really wanted to watch the programs, no idea why. So when HIT entertainment asked me to review this new Thomas film I did wonder if he would watch it. When the package arrived I told him, “This is a DVD for you Little Man!” and he was so proud he had been sent his own film like his big sister has in the past, we had to put it on straight away! We are now on our 6th or 7th viewing (I’ve lost count).

The narration seems slower to me then the tv programs, in fact, all the speech seems drawn out, it doesn’t seem to bother my son though.  The animation makes it a lot easier to watch then the older model railway version, although for me as an adult viewer it has lost some of the old world charm.

Thomas and Friends – Day of the Diesels is available on DVD or Blue Ray from Monday 26th September. That’s TOMORROW!! So all your little Thomas fans won’t have to wait long to see this new adventure.


The Santa Train

I love the Santa Train, I could enthuse about it for hours but I’m not going to, I shall just show you the pictures 🙂

Tis the Season…. to be 40 #thegallery

Thinking of the Gallery theme for this week didn’t bring to mind the yearly season changes for me, rather with my brain fixated on last weekend it reminded me of how in years past my birthday always signified the start of the festive season of sorts.

I’d celebrate my birthday, then Guy Fawkes, by which time the shops are brimming with goodies to eat and drink on the month long diet crisis that has become Christmas, there is the shopping and the parties (not so many now sadly) the ferrying around to the various outreaches of the family to make sure everyone gets their gifts.  Then the day itself cramming in booze rich food and Triv. Boxing day slumber, smoked salmon and scrambled egg, a walk somewhere in the chilled air, New Years Eve and more booze followed by a bleary start to the new year.

Some of this still happens, other bits have lessened, we now have the nursery party and a nativity to enjoy, the Santa Train is a highlight for me, this will be our third year in a row (I’m so excited!)

Christmas with the smalls is a sheer enjoyment that I revel in much more than booze and rich food and it all starts with November the 1st, so I thought I would share with you the photo’s from Saturday night. (Because it’s my blog and I can…  LOL!)

As always, don’t forget to pop over to Sticky Fingers for some much more sensible entries….

One August Sunday ~ The Gallery

I almost missed the boat on this one….

We went on holiday on Friday, 3 nights camping in a field in Axminster, stunning view (which I forgot to photograph!) but I also was without laptop and internet and therefore did not see the topic at Sticky Fingers Gallery until I checked my email yesterday – lesson learned… find internet on Fridays.

Sunday was the day three Mummy bloggers started their trip to Bangladesh with Save the Children, you can see more about that by clicking the picture to the right of this blog post – go see, it’s important! Sign the petition.
But come back again! To mark this exciting trip Tara asked us all to take a photo on Sunday to create a kind of Blip journal of one day.

Rising panic! Did I get the camera out on Sunday?

Luckily we had a trip down to Seaton on Sunday, ate a cream tea (naughty) and went to look at the trams, much to the kids disappointment we didn’t ride on them, far too expensive! Not impressed.  So Seaton trams are not going to be getting any good publicity here! But we did take a photo… phew

The smalls look a bit annoyed that they are not getting to go for a tram ride, at 2 and nearly 4 they are not aware how very lucky they are to be able to live where they do and as they do, this is something I’m going to have to make sure they realise…

The Gallery – Motherhood

As soon as I read this weeks The Gallery post at Sticky Fingers I knew I was in trouble, Motherhood.  Not a huge word in it’s self but so crammed with meaning and emotion that I went into a kind of panicky spiral, how could I cram all that love, inspiration, luck, joy and responsibility into a photograph that spoke to me – and then it was going to be seen by such a huge audience – overwhelmed! There is no other way to describe it!

I get such a kick out of joining in with the gallery although it has only been a few short weeks, I was not going to abstain, no way! So I asked some friends what it meant to them in a hope that if I explored in my mind what Motherhood actually means to me I could grasp a physical aspect to capture…  I had suggestions of generations of ladies together, little feet and hands, pregnant women etc but the one which really captured me as being the most truthful was from a local friend who said “something nasty…like sick or poo…. or a child covered head to toe in paint…my untidy house…. a very long list…”

Which has led my to my photograph, the topic was suggested by Daddy..

This is my front room. It didn’t used to look like this, once it had lovely wooden shelves and a cabinet for the TV, we had houseplants in corners and a fireplace too.  We thought for a long time about how to make our living environment safer, user friendly, storage useful.

Changing, adapting, sharing, keeping safe, being watchful, playing, creating, learning, crying, kissing better, loving…. Motherhood.

It just occurred to me to add this too, somebody who wanted a bit of the action…

had to join in 🙂