13 days…

Only 13 days left of my thirties and I don’t think I mind any longer.

When I turned 30, I spend ages looking in the mirror trying to see the woman I thought I knew inside, I really didn’t recognise myself and of course I found that alarming and disconcerting.  This week I have been looking in the mirror and I can see a new me, older, yes of course but it is a me I can recognise and relate to.

Perhaps it is the weight loss that has helped, I’m back at my pre pregnancy weight, which is good but I was a bit chubby back then too so there is still a way to go.  I have managed to put my wedding and engagement rings back on, my finger is still a little pudgy but they are on and that makes me happier.

I lost another lb this week for all the excess at the weekend, 1lb a week is slower than I hoped to loose weight but is that really important as long as it is coming off slowly and staying off?  I’m 12lb away from my first weight target of 12st 7lb and that is really very cool 😀 Perhaps as a thyroid sufferer this is all I can expect to loose per week.

Things are hotting up for my birthday, Daddy still doesn’t know if he is allowed the day off so I’m going ahead with my plan of dropping the smalls off at nursery, having a manicure and then going shopping in Bath for a glam outfit for my night out on the 6th.  I had hoped to spend a few hours at the Thermae spa, it’s looking unlikely, perhaps if I get any birthday money I may indulge myself.  I do intend to enjoy a very strong coffee with a large cake somewhere I can watch the world go by.

I’m still in the dark about the plans for my birthday and the control freak in me is not best happy with this, I am of the opinion however, that if one is lucky enough to have a special friend who will go out of their way to make something good happen for you then you are a really lucky so and so and should slap the control freak down and go with the flow.

Bring it on….



Updated for Recipes for Nick on What Will Julia Do Next

This weeks magic ingredient for Chez Chelle is Chicken, Chelle commented that she is jealous of us Brits and our roast dinners, they are one of our favourites too, but since the local supermarket sells cooked chickens, hot from the rotisserie at almost the same cost as the raw ones I never seem to cook it any more…  Wonder why??

This casserole is quick, tasty and extremely low fat, in fact one portion is only 3 weight watchers points, here goes…

Quick Chicken Casserole

3 Chicken breasts chopped

1pint of chicken stock (or enough to cover rest of ingredients)

3 carrots chopped

4 “portions” of new/small potatoes with the skins left on

1 medium onion chopped roughly

1 cup of peas

1 desert spoon of dried tarragon (or equivalent fresh is you like)

Cornflour to thicken if you prefer

Salt and Pepper to taste, I usually shake in some garlic powder too…

Place the chicken, carrots, onion and stock in a large (hob top) casserole dish and bring to the boil, add the peas and tarragon and allow to simmer until the potatoes are cooked. Drain the juice into another pan, Mix cornflour with water and thicken gravy as desired. Serve.

Feel free to fiddle with the level of content, chicken can be a bit dear at the moment so I have used more carrots or added leeks and cut down on the meat before now.

If you keep an eye on the salt content of your stock cubes, this is ideal to whizz up smooth and serve as baby food.  I also use turkey instead of chicken.


I’m keeping it simple with Chez Chelle this week.  I was pleased to see the ingredient is Spinach as it is a vegetable I use most weeks in season.  I like to stir baby leaves in with pasta or in a mixed salad, or just warm it through until it is bright green with a teaspoon of vinegar and eat as a vegetable (my Nana used to boil spinach with a little vinegar and give the water to my Gramp to drink, it is lovely and full of iron 🙂 )

This is a recipe I have used for a few years and was pleased to see was on the weightwatchers website, although they put creme fraiche in with the spinach, I’m not sure why I prefer it without.

Spinach and Poached Egg Muffins

1 English Muffin

1 Egg

a handful of spinach or two

a tbpn malt vinegar

Butter if desired

Salt and Pepper to taste

Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the vinegar and lightly poach the egg (I have a silicone poaching ring from Lakeland, it’s fab!).

Cut the muffin in half and butter if desired.

Place the spinach in a microwaveable dish and warm until limp and bright green, drain well, place the spinach on the bottom of the muffin and put the egg ontop of the spinach.

Put the top of the muffin on the egg and enjoy, remembering to keep a napkin handy as the egg will drip everywhere – yum!

Happy Holidays

Today we are embarking on a camping holiday, the hall is jam packed with the equipment, there is so much I wonder if it will fit in the car!

The new tent and awning are the size of a baby hippo, it’s a 7 man tent but how the can honestly expect 7 “men” to sleep in it is beyond me, what with snoring and rolling over etc.. it would never happen!

My OH seems to have gone on a table buying frenzy since out last trip, we have two new tables, both with adjustable legs, a small one for the smalls and a larger one for the bigs. Our original table was one of those roll out affairs that clip together and it’s an unstable table at best.

We also took delivery of our new loo yesterday, we did toy with the cardboard version as recommended by twitter, the fold flat ability was fleeting tempting but with a almost 4 year old who treats any new toilet a new toy, on off, on off, “but I need another wee!” something more substantial was called for!

I have been pondering food for several days, we are away for 2 dinners and Saturday night is shaping up to be a bbq night, what does one bbq on the weight watchers diet? They have a natty little tool over at weight watchers online which allows you to choose items from a bbq add the “dressings” to calculate your points, a hot dog with ketchup is 7 points! Not enough to keep you going in all that fresh air… So I’m going to have vegetable kebabs, onions, pepper, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms on sticks with a spray of olive oil – all the veg is “point” less so it trough the kebab time 🙂 I think the smalls will probably want in on some of that action too with any luck. Sunday night will be spag bol or some king of hob top pasta, I am reading my new Cool Camping Cookbook, won from Random Musings of a Tattooed Mummy’s blog (OH is pretty hard to cook for though!)

So what is left to do here this morning? I have to pack our clothes, I’m assuming wet weather and it is discernible cooler out there, so it’s wellies, trousers, coats etc along with the pants and t’shirts. We also have the battle of the toys to contend with “No Darling, you do not need to take all those teddies and dollies, just two – choose please” Tantrum ensues…

Then I need to catch the cats….


It will be worth it when we get there and the tent is up and we are happily charging around in the outdoors 🙂

I shall probably tell you all about it when we get back! Missing us already? Of course you are!

Images Sausages on the stove by Manning999 – Fickr creative commons

73 days…

This Tuesday I threw my arms up in the air and admitted defeat! It’s official, even after admitting to the world how overweight I am and what I was trying, when I got on the scales on Monday I weighed 14st 3 I had gone up 5lb – devastated I felt in shock, everything I had tried and I was 3lb away from square 1 😦

When the going get tough, the tough get going – to Weight Watchers!

Thanks to my wonderful followers on Twitter I was told how to get £20 off the 3 month join up fee and with that in mind I thought – give it a try!

You probably can imagine how thrilled I am to be able to tell you that this morning I was back down to 13st 12lb – perhaps it was all water retention on Monday?

I’m finding the website really easy to use, the points calculator is brilliant, there is no doubt I’m doing it right and the 22 points they have allowed me seems to be more food than I would normally eat…. Nah, I don’t get it either but if it works don’t knock it!

So we shall see how we go, this has cost me money so I HAVE to see it through, at least for 73 days….