Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


The Gallery : What I’m grateful for…

I’m so very totally and speechlessly grateful for my beautiful children… For all the hard work, noise, taxiing and nagging, they are supremely lovely, well behaved, gifted and loving.  My daughter dances like a angel and my son ‘huggles’ like a prince.

But you have seen them soooooooooooooooo many times! *yawn* so I thought I’d change the angle. Today (Tuesday 31st) my small people were given a camera for the first time. It’s Daddies birthday and we visited the New Forest Wildlife sanctuary, apart from arguing about who took what they did a pretty good job.

I present to you, today, a family outing as photographed by my children, who I am pride burstingly grateful for…

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The Gallery: My Back Yard

I love taking pictures in my garden, it changes daily, I don’t spend as much time out there as I should but I do love to get up close and personal with the camera.

The sun is shining here today in my little corner of the green and blue planet, according to Twitter it seems to be raining everywhere else! So I’ve taken advantage of the weather and got myself organised early for a change – in my back yard.

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White, alwhite! #thegallery

I often try and do something a bit further from the obvious with the gallery, just because unlike most of the ladies I only play with my camera, I’m not a photographer or arty in any way, I join in because it’s fun, which seems like the best reason of all 🙂

However, this weeks theme ‘white’ was just right for how I was feeling about the world this week. It has been white, alwhite, although not enough here for skiing which was not so alwhite!

Yesterday the snow had all gone but the garden was looking funky decked out in spikey frost everywhere, so I braved the poop spotted lawn and snapped a few to share with the world….

Happy snow days everyone!

Feeling Proud… The Gallery

I’m not a photographer, I’m a snapper.

I used to take pictures of landscapes and building, flowers and rocks but over the years I have come to realise that the photos I want to look at over and over contain the people whom I love and cherish, friends & family, the people who were with me to share a moment in time.

With that in mind I have been searching the “archives” for a picture I’m proud I have taken and have come up with this one – ‘fraid you have probably seen it before but there ’tis.  It’s the “one”. What can a girl do?